Old Train with Celebrity Visitors
Old Train with Celebrity Visitors
Old Train with Celebrity Visitors. Member reactions:
Great job Nice collection.... all looks so freaky
Thank You, suni271980 Thanks to you as well rajeshstar
Thanks Much ericnorthend, and thank you balodiya.
Now that's what I call teamwork.
Thank You NewsMaster, your comments are much appreciated.

Funny Alien Visitors Over a Waterfall

Alien Visitors Over a Waterfall
Inspired by Prometheus. Stock images used in this work: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/9956/visitorsstocks.jpg Special thanks to stocks owners: http://decemburr-days.deviantart.com/ http://cheyenne75.deviantart.com/ http://resurgere.deviantart.com/ http://mustafa-h.deviantart.com/
Member reactions:
Well balanced and nice colorful rays and the lights used
Thank you so much for the kind words from all of you guys. I'm new here, so... I'm still learning how to use the site. Thank you.

Funny Alien Visitor

Alien Visitor
Member reactions:
Good work on the flash of light from the sky and good makeover of face as an Aline
whom ever voted this a 1 thanks but you should of just flagged it...

Funny The Night Visitor

The Night Visitor
The night visitor is coming in his wooden dragon.
Member reactions:
Looks like most of it was drawn from scratch in photoshop. Impressive.
Excellent combination of photo and art . . . nice choppin' Bronze Congrats . . .
Felicidades por el bronce...Tanto tiempo y recien me percato que es usted, Marco....
Glad you could run it in a contest. And congrats.
Glad you could run it in a contest. And congrats.
hey mark you just keep rocking and rocking .. this one really awesome work .. i thought it's would win gold .. big congrats on the bronze and keep up your top works

Funny The Visitors From Outer Space and the Angel

The Visitors From Outer Space and the Angel
Member reactions:
very nice, I really Like the mood of this one.
Agree with Salis - the mood here is what sells this for me. The source is a picture of Paris taken from this famous gargoyle hight - which is on the top of some famous theater, I believe.
Yes Newsy, you have right the source bg is from Paris Thanks a lot for comments Carl3,Sassy, Xaos and Newsy

Funny Unexpected Deer Visitor in Cabin

Unexpected Deer Visitor in Cabin
Unexpected Visitor

Funny Alien Visitors

Alien Visitors
Inspired by boredom and a half gallon of Jim Beam, created 3 ˝ hours.
Member reactions:
Good work givin the circumstances. Myself drinking and chopping dont fit very well

Funny Santa in the Night Visitor Movie

Santa in the Night Visitor Movie

Funny Greenland Alien Visitor

Greenland Alien Visitor

Funny Andromeda Visitors at the Harbour

Andromeda Visitors at the Harbour
Member reactions:
this look unrealistic for me, maybe areal night scene with the black/grey sky would make look those space ships more real and blend with the scene background. Overall idea is great, so u are in the right way; just turn sky in black and merge it with your stared sky and let out the un-real colors. Then you would see the difrence, sure a photo taken by NASA ahhh i forgot add some fire behind the space ships
Your blue galaxy showing through the fog is a good effect, try maybe showing a tiny bit through all the fog to make it seem see through rather than a olid white fog... using a layer mask and the Dodge tool will let you show just tiny bits through as well as give it a uneven appeal.

Funny Spooky Earth Visitor

Spooky Earth Visitor
A skull-shaped asteroid is expected to zip by in November this year. In mid-November, the asteroid will make its second flyby past Earth since it was discovered just beyond the moon as it went pass Earth on Oct 31. Officially known as 2018TB145, it spends most of its time beyond Mars and Jupiter, but its orbit brings it close to Earth every 3.04 years.. Researchers hope to get the opportunity to learn more about the rock, considered "potentially hazardous" by NASA because of its close approaches. In 2015, the asteroid came within 300,000 miles of Earth---as a gauge, the moon is 239,000 miles away. So far, experts have gathered the asteroid is around 2,100 feet wide, rotates once every three to five hours, and looks like a skull from some angles. There have been a few artist renditions of the asteroid, but we're the pro's here. So let us create our own versions of what the "Skull Shaped Asteroid”  will  look like as it passed by Earth. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

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