Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality. Member reactions:
Congrats on the Win, LunaC. Stylishly fresh Concept.
Awesomeness with a great story line. Congrats on the Gold,LunaC.
Congrats LunaC terrific thinking outside the box.

Funny Putin's Virtual Reality Vacation

Putin's Virtual Reality Vacation
Putin is collecting on his promise. Please View Full Size.
Member reactions:
Hilarious... what is in his mind. Obama looks awesome with blue lipstick

Funny Virtual Reality Printer

Virtual Reality Printer
Virtual Reality Printer

Funny Abraham discovers virtual reality

Abraham discovers virtual reality

Funny Albert Einstein Relativity Virtual Painting

Albert Einstein Relativity Virtual Painting
Member reactions:
Love it. Back in my student days, I would have printed it and posted it on my wall as a poster
Very beautiful. Did you paint it or did you put the composition together. Either way, it is beautiful.
a Masters work. Best in Show. good luck not so Hidden.
Absolutely a superchop. Congrats hidden .
Gold congrats, PJ. Nice use of the original photo.
one of the best representation of Albert Einstein i've ever seen

Funny Virtual Statue of David by Michelangelo

Virtual Statue of David by Michelangelo
I thought perhaps if Michelangelo were alive in the near future... he could reach a broader audience if he used holograms as his medium rather than marble. So I created the "virtual" David" Please view full and let me know what you think.
Member reactions:
I think this is awesome. Even the slight pixelation on the David works well here, to show the digital footprint of the projection.
Very nice idea and good work, looks really virtual.
Brilliant idea and yeah, looks very real.

Funny Virtual Photoshop Painting of a Model

Virtual Photoshop Painting of a Model
My virtual painting
Member reactions:
looks like a young valeria golino, hot shots. movie
Real nice job on this one PixJockey Congrats on the Bronze.
Quality, artistic work, Pix. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Boy Playing Virtual Reality Alien

Boy Playing Virtual Reality Alien
"Junior Warrior Gamers are fearless these days." .
Member reactions:
He, probably, talks to his Mother that way, too. Point-on concept-good luck.

Funny Girl Playing a Virtual Reality Computer Game

Girl Playing a Virtual Reality Computer Game

Funny Mario Virtual Reality

Mario Virtual Reality
Keep On Gaming.
Member reactions:
Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.. It's always nice to read when poeple like what I'm doing.
Its a video game concept, excellent i like it all the best
Congrats on the silver, sibsen. You gave us an idea for a "virtual reality" contest which we'll probably run this week. So double thanks.

Funny Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality
Distracting patients by getting them to play video games helps reduce pain from medical procedures, a U.S. study has found. Virtual reality therapy, which involved patients playing a video game on a head-mounted display while experiencing pain similar to having a lumbar puncture, was even found to work best on elderly patients. In the study, 25 adults aged 60 and older were randomly assigned to either a low-immersion or high-immersion VR environment, using a program called SnowWorld. Photoshop virtual reality by mixing real life and computer games (or any video games). Here's a good example by japcham, and another nice example by sibsen.

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