Bernie Wins West Virginia
Bernie Wins West Virginia
Bernie Wins West Virginia. Sanders Wins in West Virginia Democratic Primary; Trump Cruises
Member reactions:
Intense. Bernie is a crack up. Link is broken, reverts to FN.
Woody Congrats and a very nice piece of work, Jim. Looks like the real Bernie. Lol
Congrats on the Cup, Jim. Fantastically Humorous.

Funny Raphael Virginia Slims Advert

Raphael Virginia Slims Advert
"The good old days when women smoked like chimneys on these slim ciggies to help 'em diet."
Member reactions:
She'd be even better if she didn't smoke.
Well thought out, The smoke police weren't around in Raphael's time so this lady could enjoy a smoke in peace.
Yeah... agreed women were biologically superior than Men and the smoking rights were deserved to them wonderful idea seen here

Funny Queen Elizabeth in Virginia

Queen Elizabeth in Virginia
in her visit to virginia she was invited to be a gobernor for one day
Member reactions:
Cool idea. (spelling police: 'b')

Funny Virginia Tech Massacre Tribute

Virginia Tech Massacre Tribute
He has made the world weep
Member reactions:
AMEN and this is An awesome tribute to the victims....

Funny Virginia Tech Tribute

Virginia Tech Tribute
This is my tribute to those who lost their lives this week in this horrific event. Story here Source here
Member reactions:
What a beautiful tribute to such a horrific event.May the 32 victims NEVER be forgotten.
beautiful indeed.... already a winner for me
what can i say, tears are rolling in my eyes... VeRy WeLL DonE
I like everything except the heads and bodies of in the sky/clouds. Maybe not overlapping them would have made it look better. Good idea though. Very sad day.
This image portrays the mood quiet well and the statue's colorization makes it jump to life. Well done... (oops, this isn't a caption)

Funny Virginia Slims Cigarettes with Vitamin E

Virginia Slims Cigarettes with Vitamin E
Member reactions:
umm err she doesn't look like she if from Virginia nope

Funny West Virginia Jones

West Virginia Jones
Member reactions:
The concept has a merit, but Indi's figure / face is horizontally stretched somehow

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