Trump Rally Violence
Trump Rally Violence
Trump Rally Violence. Violence erupts at Trump rally. Trump Rally Cancelled
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The election campaign made in heaven (or hell)
That is a good question Vlad. Time will tell. Yes, top 10 kudos, Pat.
Top 10. Seems like a solid '6' is my Artistic destiny. Thanks for your trademark FN kindness.

Funny Violence At Trump Rally

Violence At Trump Rally
Violence at trump rally SOURCE
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Parts of the fat guy are blurry, Great work otherwise
Great, but his right fist is too big in that position. Donald is lovely.
Let me look that one up in the caricature rule book I had to paint the shirt on, not enough time for fabric detailing. So just grin and enjoy it Fixed
Congrads on the Gold Cup. Excellent hands
Trump has that "love the fist" smile Gold Congrats, Great work, Hits.
Thank you so much DD, Champ, Bob, HH, Luciano, Newsey and Crafty. I feel lucky, some great chops in the mix. And I'd like to give a shout out to JohnX, welcome back brother. Really good to see you. You have been missed

Funny The Evolution of Violence

The Evolution of Violence
click large please
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Funny Growing Violence

Growing Violence
Drug violence growing With drug-related violence along the U.S.-Mexico border growing more deadly, the United States is willing to consider deploying troops to the Southwest...
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Extremely powerful work AZ. Congrats on the wood.
rain this is amazing .. the full view..whoaah.. congratsss
Nice work... powerful message. Drugs and violence, the scourge of our modern society. One of the reasons I left the big city and headed for the hills.
Gr8 work sad message
It's been a while since Rain got woody, . Congrats mate.
Freaking creepy and right to the point... Nice work AZ

Funny Abu Ghraib Violence

Abu Ghraib Violence

Funny Stop the Violence Traffic Sign with Bullet Holes

Stop the Violence Traffic Sign with Bullet Holes
source image
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Great composition and bullet holes. Sad but true; it could even pass for a news story.

Funny Domestic Violence Painting

Domestic Violence Painting

Funny Bakery Violence

Bakery Violence
When will this surge in, senseless workplace violence end.

Funny Brad Pitt Violence on Angelina Joile

Brad Pitt Violence on Angelina Joile

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