Lindsay Lohan Parole Violation Mugshot
Lindsay Lohan Parole Violation Mugshot
Lindsay Lohan Parole Violation Mugshot. Member reactions:
You did a sweet job on her. Looks authentic.
I agree with previous comments-good job. Your image makes me want to slap her for the fun of it.
Congrats Nocturnesthesia Almost didn't recognize her, .
congrats on the bronze Nocturnesthesia, great job.
Nocturnesthesia shes soo pretty congrats.
congrats on the bronze Nocturnesthesia and big welcome to freakingnews
Congrats NocturnesthesiaFantastic show on your first entry.Welcome to FN,another great artist,i see.
Congrats on your first trophy, Nocturn. and big welcome to Freaking News.

Funny USA Human Rights Violation

USA Human Rights Violation
Outrage in Guatemala over US study on ... diseases Source
Member reactions:
Poingnant chop and message. Well done. In the mid 50s the CIA sprayed our little town of Arcadia, Florida with the whooping Cough virus. I was an infant and it nearly killed me. Some people dug up the files under the Freedom of information act enough years later that the demons that signed off on that project were dead. It is just as well because if I had a name and an address, it would be payback time. It's hard to imagine that your own countrymen would expiriment on you but they do and have. It is totally no stretch the think these jerks will do it on other countries if they do it to their own.
Hi Hitspinner, thanx for ur comment. America has made lot of experiments on the people of other countries using their power and capitalism. They attacked Irak, saying that they have dangerous weapons...which is a big lie know to total world including America. And also the world know that they did it for petroleum. In India, nearly 8000 people died in Bhopal tragedy and more than 558,125 peoples serious injured bcoz of a American Company "McLeod Russel Ltd". The judgement for it came in which no american is punished.

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