Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel.

Funny Queen Vin Deisel

Queen Vin Deisel
Vin Deisel as drag queen

Funny Vin Diesel and Daughter

Vin Diesel and Daughter
Member reactions:
Excellent chop. You stayed within his likeness and your exposure control was pro. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Vin Diesel the Monk

Vin Diesel the Monk
Member reactions:
Great job on lights and the rabbit stew. I still can see stamp tool artifacts on the top of the head and his throat makes some triangle where it should go. straight.
Much better, I should have voted later...
Do you smellllllll.....The Rock is Cooking
Good caricature, but his neck looks quite strange
The Rock. Cool congrats on the bronze young man

Funny Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 7

Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 7
no weapons no cars no accidents no deaths less rapid more furious
Member reactions:
Excellent chop... good use of background.. sign post and the wrekage showing the after effects of being fast well done
LOTS of work here to make it shine as it does, and great composition too. I love how you made almost the panoramic view

Funny Vin Diesel and his Son

Vin Diesel and his Son
Member reactions:
Vin is looking more prettier than his crying father good to see both were inside the ball pool and his father is scary
Baby's face is a tad blurry, but very cute image.
Freaky expression of Mumma

Funny Angelina Jolie's Obsession with Vin Diesel

Angelina Jolie's Obsession with Vin Diesel
Angelina lookalike raped me - Romanian media says she is obsessed with Vin Diesel
Member reactions:
Hot times at Hollywood High. Looks great.
Vin Diesel looks great and pitty on him for being raped ... great chop with good details on the face... like the smoke from cigar...

Funny Vin Diesel with his Twins

Vin Diesel with his Twins
Member reactions:
This Amazing like the twins one is front and the other is on back the back one is more matured than his twin brother and funny to see two milk bottles
Excellent really amazed fantastic work both kids are so funny
love this.... clean, funny.... congratulations jay...

Funny Vin Diesel in a Buggy Outside Burger King

Vin Diesel in a Buggy Outside Burger King
a desert oasis (also nice in high res) Sources Used
Member reactions:
Thanks guys/gals, so far this pic is scoring better than any others I have ever entered. I like seeing the "A" with multiple "+"s. Lotta work involved and it pays off even though my pic hadn't seen the top 3 yet because there are so many other wonderful entries. I'm still happy with my score so far.

Funny Vin Diesel Vampire

Vin Diesel Vampire
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