General Viktor Orban
General Viktor Orban
General Viktor Orban. Member reactions:
Would be better if there were no black on top of the color (makes one think the head is just pasted on).
I agree with MsgtBob and this guy deserve some fascist uniform.
Nice work though I am not familiar with the man.

Funny Orban Viktor

Orban Viktor

Funny Viktor Orban + Putin

Viktor Orban + Putin

Funny Vladimir Putin Carrying Viktor Yanukovych

Vladimir Putin Carrying Viktor Yanukovych
Member reactions:
Great but increase lights on Putin's face.
Don't forget it is color of Botox in his face.
Knew this was yours haahhahahaha Congrats.

Funny Viktor Yanukovych Leaving a War Zone

Viktor Yanukovych Leaving a War Zone
Member reactions:
He is trying to send the civilians into war zone to enjoy

Funny Viktor Yanukovych Protesting with Riot Police

Viktor Yanukovych Protesting with Riot Police

Funny Viktor Yanukovych Wanted Poster

Viktor Yanukovych Wanted Poster

Funny Viktor Yanukovych Lord of War

Viktor Yanukovych Lord of War
sources plz full view
Member reactions:
good jop if u make the body biger would be better
Congrads, 3 for 3 on jury picks, must be doing something right. Excellent chop.

Funny Viktor Yanukovych the Builder

Viktor Yanukovych the Builder
Its says in the contest description he worked some low paying jobs before getting into politics thus where the design for my picture comes from
Member reactions:
Impressive technique. You should do illustrations to his biography book
Good one JC, should be drilling a screw into Putin's head, but it might be stepping on your masters foot.

Funny Viktor Yanukovych The Turnip

Viktor Yanukovych The Turnip Article was inspiration for this entry.
Member reactions:
Congratulations on your first trophy, oopsee, woo hoo.

Funny Viktor Yanukovych

Viktor Yanukovych
Ukraine held the second and last round of presidential elections past Sunday, and elected its next president - Viktor Yanukovych. 59 year old Yanukovych made an incredible comeback after losing the 2004 presidential elections, when he was accused of election fraud after having his initial victory, which was followed by the street protests, and a court ruling to declare the rigged election nulled. Yanukovych served as Ukraine prime minister back in 2004. He is tagged a "Kremlin stooge" for his strong ties with Russia, and he vowed to restore good Russia-Ukraine relations, which suffered a severe setback under the last 5 years of the current Ukraine's president Viktor Yushenko. Yanukovych had a rough childhood growing up without parents, but he always stood out among his peers for his big size and strong fists. He served two jail terms in his youth, and worked all sorts of low paying jobs before turning to politics. Yanukovych is backed up not only by Russian government by also by many Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs, and is strongly frowned upon by the the western Europe who consider his victory a big setback for Ukraine and step back to Soviet-totalitarian Ukraine. Photoshop Ukraine's president-elect Viktor Yanukovych any way you wish.

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