Dog Viking in Denmark
Dog Viking in Denmark
Dog Viking in Denmark. Beautiful People,Great Dane Dogs,The Mermaid Novel, Furniture,Lego, Our Viking Past and having the best pastries in the world.

Funny Groundhog Viking on the Beach

Groundhog Viking on the Beach
Member reactions:
Nice Chopp'n Hidden. Great reflection work. Big Rodent vs. Lil Rodent
Awesome chop... like the helmet of the big rodent good one
I want to know why this didn't take the Gold. Sick the Vikings on these voters.

Funny The Viking with a Teapot Hat

The Viking with a Teapot Hat
Member reactions:
He proud their teapot head.He is tea-M head man

Funny Thor in Vikings Movie

Thor in Vikings Movie
Mjölnir, yar isa goot hammer.
Member reactions:
Here comes the judge, wish I could produce a 6 like this.

Funny Viking Ship in Stormy Seas

Viking Ship in Stormy Seas
Only source image used. ship from podium, rocks from jacket, sail and sea from background, moon from Clint's hair, etc. Water splashes painted in with brush. Title from Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant song" No animals or fish were harmed in the making of this picture.
Member reactions:
*~~* Cool
Awesome chop..... great use of available source and wonderful work overall ... it resembles as a ship from the Movie Pirates of Caribbean on Stranger Tides
vicspa nice you sailed off with the silver... congrats.
Silver Congrats Vicspa ... Beautiful Psing
Stunning work with the source, vic. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Barack Obama the Viking

Barack Obama the Viking
Member reactions:
the receding long straight hair you gave him. But why is the image rather small. Hate to see it getting lower votes because of the size.
Hah the hair too but what the heck is that organic looking stuff he's standing on...

Funny Barack Obama the Viking

Barack Obama the Viking
Member reactions:
Obama declares that his roots are not Kenyan but Scandinavian
hitspinner it's of course hartman keep going my friend

Funny Viking Politicians

Viking Politicians
The big 8: Obama, Clinton, Sarkozy, Schwarzenegger,Merkel, Berlusconi, the Pope, Brown
Member reactions:
Full view shows full glory. Recommended. Great satire. Obama the bearded viking is my favorite.

Funny Conan the Viking

Conan the Viking
Member reactions:
Nice color and contrast match. Wish the sharpness was higher for this picture size

Funny Viking Susan Boyle

Viking Susan Boyle
Member reactions:
She's a warrior. and she's gonna fight till she wins.

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