2015 Aerial View of the Amazon River
2015 Aerial View of the Amazon River
2015 Aerial View of the Amazon River.

Funny A Lizards Point of View of the World

A Lizards Point of View of the World
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Good idea. Your world gloves could look a bit more real and this picture would be more effective.
Awesome concept, smiling face of it is cool
So cool

Funny Unbelievable Ocean View

Unbelievable Ocean View
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Funny Man Riding an Eagle For a Birds Eye View

Man Riding an Eagle For a Birds Eye View
Someone Strapped a Camera to an Eagle
Member reactions:
A real example of a Bird Eye View crazy people does crazy things
HA. DeadDog. You mean Dr. Chuckles didn't win another. Well...CONGRATULATIONS DeadDog. No trophy but, a great chop anyway.

Funny Barack Obama Puting the Presenters to Skeep on The View

Barack Obama Puting the Presenters to Skeep on The View
Original Main Source: Please view.
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Awesome.... how could you make them sleep I guess you took lot of time in chopping the source pic and they got sleepy
I totally was convinced this one would cup. Oh well, I have been calling a lot of them wrong lately
First time I checked stats, it was at the same level it remained at. I never saw any changes, despite voter #s rising.

Funny Obama Enjoying the Beach View

Obama Enjoying the Beach View
President Obama sneaking a look at the beautiful Sun Goddess. Biden rushes in for a looky too....
Member reactions:
Thanks, Awesome69. I added a shadow which I forgot,how does that work.
Maybe you could make it a little lighter. I do like it a lot.
OMG its so impressive thought.. great expression on Micheal's face and Obama trying to peek on girl. Ha ha ha
So lovely placed, its really a party time for Obama Couple
Ya, me to enjoyed the view very much, thanks

Funny Upside Down Point of View

Upside Down Point of View

Funny Snakes Viewing their Facebook Profiles

Snakes Viewing their Facebook Profiles
Member reactions:
Great idea, great source -- love the play on Facebook. I wish the arms and hands had been "snakified", but otherwise very good work. Funny. Thanks.
Thanks,everyone..... Icy the arms and hands are. It's just the scales are too small....didn't know how to make em' bigger.

Funny Sunset View from Hogwarts

Sunset View from Hogwarts
View from Hogwarts

Funny Watching Obama from Rear View Mirror

Watching Obama from Rear View Mirror
For those of you who don't pick it up at first the house in the mirror is the original stock photo with everyone removed and the entire photo rebuilt. Obama taken out is now in the background accepting the gift from the little girl who I placed back in the picture facing the other direction, facing the same way as Obama as everything in the mirror is reversed. That was mouth full.
Member reactions:
Freaking TONS of work here. Technically a top job. Compositionally it's a bit too complex for the brain to buy that what happens behind the right image border is what reflects in the mirror. They feel unconnected. It was a real challenge to make it look real though and would be almost impossible to achieve without the perfect sources. Still a great job though. Love the lady bug and the crime scene tape. of and of course 'the objects are too freaking small'
Thanks Newsy, believe me, its to complex for my brain. Its funny, I do most of my work after I have posted it. Its not until I see it on line that I find flaws and get more ideas..
That's how perfectionists are - never satisfied with their work and constantly changing it. The entry is way too smart, but also way complex. I think if you had just the crime scene composition where a lil girl hands Obama some evidence (a knife covered in blood) and Obama wears a police badge (and maybe a police cap) this could have won. Just my opinion though, it's easier to talk than chop, .
Thats funny, I was going to go with a cops badge. Maybe his hands should be in the air and She should have a gun.

Funny Door with a View

Door with a View
Photoshop this door view image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: redesigning this door; changing the woman at the door for someone else, putting people, ghosts, or objects into the door view. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Vailiki and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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