Multi view
Multi view
Multi view.


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Back to the 70s, . I need the address of your dealer, hahaha.
Excellent. We haven't had a psychedelic contest in a long while. Maybe it is time.
Beautifully done colorfest.. Great job William..

Funny BREAKING BAD (original view please).

BREAKING BAD (original view please).
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yeah man.... my fave series.. Awesome chop.....
Doing well matey... I just got my Diploma in Digital Media.. It all started here at FN, a few years ago now, but , life changing stuff..... I have learnt so much from all of you in such a short time... Its great...
magnifico Always great to see something new from you, "hidden author"
Breathtaking work. One minor thing - there is some blurriness on the Walter's cheek and jaw below the mustache. It stands out a bit because the rest of the face and picture is done sharply
Congrats on the Gold RickyT . I noticed the same thing Newsy did thought maybe it was smoke he was puffing out. As he said, a very minor thing. Great work .
The gritty style matches the subject matter perfectly. Very nice indeed.
Congrats on the gold, Ricky. Welcome baaaack.

Funny Male's point of view

Male's  point of view
Female Justices Issue Scathing Dissent In The First Post-Hobby Lobby Birth Control Exemption

Funny Rocket Clock see Full view

Rocket Clock see Full view
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Excellent, though the background is kinda shouting, stealing attention from the bomb
good idea of putting all the armors in the clock to show the time freaky one
Eyes have difficulties in concentrating on the main object, but let me clap my hand to one of the few that correctly design shadows in presence of wall at 90 degrees.

Funny THE COW CHIPS ( full view please ).

THE COW CHIPS ( full view please ).
I imagined the chips as police of the far west ... with a nice hat for cowboys. The "COW C.H.I.P.S" I HOPE THAT YOU LIKE THE IDEA. my source images:
Member reactions:
Brilliant, pro work. The unresized view is breathtaking.
I like the sun here, and you played with the lights. Amazing chop.
Excellent work... Yeah, it is a cool idea. I own that same model gun in Ponch's holster. Would know it anywhere. It is a German J.P. Sauer & Sohn, {Montanna Marshal} 44 magnum imported by Hawes firearms. Good choice hahahaah well done.
hidden. I suppose if you have to have a reputation over guns, too many is better than too few. At least some other country won't be getting any silly ideas about invading us At my old home we had a private gun range and would shoot all the time. We have a range in the family but it takes a long time to drive out to the property so I don't get to shoot much. I would think Italy would arm everyone since your country has invaded and has been invaded since the dawn of time, practically . It is an Italian/American tradition here for Italians to own guns Heheheheh. I took a picture of my gun for you. 44 Mag
No words to express how impressive are these caricature.
Wonderful composition and execution, great caricatures and the colors are sweet I don't think that fence is going to hold that giant cow, though Splendid Chopping.
RickyTrek Wins Silver. Congratulations RT-1.
Great chop so congrats on silver Rickytrek1 and good choice with Chip's.
Always brilliant my friend. I will frame this one Congrats on the silver... Take care of my gun hehehe.
A wonderful chop of Chips carictures, Ricky. Congratulations winning the Silver.
Congrats on the Silver, Ricky quite the impressive show of work in this FS.

Funny Plain View

Plain View
My guess is he left the country.
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The only sandbox riot Putin will never arrest.


Now Shirley is back with her puppies
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One of the best so far.
Great Chop Hidden. Love it. The Blemish on her front tooth really catches my eye though.
fix the tooth please.. ,,otherwise its perfect..
Fantastic use of lights and reflections. Good luck. Good
Breathtaking work, I love how you did the reflections on the bubbles.
So beautiful heart to share the joy with puppies
Congrats on the cup. Good looking chop with nice filters.

Funny Freaking View

Freaking View

Funny Worldwide points of view

Worldwide points of view
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Good idea. Your world gloves could look a bit more real and this picture would be more effective.
Awesome concept, smiling face of it is cool
So cool

Funny Door with a View

Door with a View
Photoshop this door view image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: redesigning this door; changing the woman at the door for someone else, putting people, ghosts, or objects into the door view. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Vailiki and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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