Male's  point of view
Male's  point of view
Male's point of view. Female Justices Issue Scathing Dissent In The First Post-Hobby Lobby Birth Control Exemption

Funny Rocket Clock see Full view

Rocket Clock see Full view
FULL VIEW. Member reactions:
Excellent, though the background is kinda shouting, stealing attention from the bomb
good idea of putting all the armors in the clock to show the time freaky one
Eyes have difficulties in concentrating on the main object, but let me clap my hand to one of the few that correctly design shadows in presence of wall at 90 degrees.

Funny THE COW CHIPS ( full view please ).

THE COW CHIPS ( full view please ).
I imagined the chips as police of the far west ... with a nice hat for cowboys. The "COW C.H.I.P.S" I HOPE THAT YOU LIKE THE source images: Member reactions:
Brilliant, pro work. The unresized view is breathtaking.
I like the sun here, and you played with the lights. Amazing chop.
Excellent work... Yeah, it is a cool idea. I own that same model gun in Ponch's holster. Would know it anywhere. It is a German J.P. Sauer & Sohn, {Montanna Marshal} 44 magnum imported by Hawes firearms. Good choice hahahaah well done.
Vlady maaaany thanks friend for your fantastic comment-compliment
Bob jockey amico mio grasssie x la fiducia che sempre midimostri, ma stavolta credo che tu abbia-mi sopravvalutato un pelino Io sono invece certo che vincerai tu con la tua faaaantastica caricatura-ritratto di Elvis (่ tua vero . ) se non lo fosse allora miauguro di vincere io hihihihi ciao e gracjas ancora Bobbolo
Evirio the colours and the lights are all for a maniac whit me, are the cherry up the pie, are the bacon on the goooood sandwich... are all for a good job maaany thank you my friend... ;.)
Hi Hitspinner thaaaank you my friend I love the American guns, here in Italy you go to jail for possession of throwing stones with a rubber band, the weapons are prohibited, if the police find you in a pocket knife along more than 4 inches, you can go to jail for at least two years for a gun like this from 4 to 8 years in Italy are absolutely forbidden all weapons, I own three fake guns with red cap gun , according to Italian law I can have at home, but if I go out with a fake gun I bring in prison, as if it were true.The italian laws for the weapons are tooooooo exagerated... in america .................... no comment ...
Elegary many thaaanks for the elegant compliment mate
ericcnorthend a lot of thaaaaanks my friend
hidden. I suppose if you have to have a reputation over guns, too many is better than too few. At least some other country won't be getting any silly ideas about invading us At my old home we had a private gun range and would shoot all the time. We have a range in the family but it takes a long time to drive out to the property so I don't get to shoot much. I would think Italy would arm everyone since your country has invaded and has been invaded since the dawn of time, practically . It is an Italian/American tradition here for Italians to own guns Heheheheh.I took a picture of my gun for you. 44 Mag
No words to express how impressive are these caricature.
luciano morelli I am happy you like my work thank you my friend
Wonderful composition and execution, great caricatures and the colors are sweet … I don't think that fence is going to hold that giant cow, though … Splendid Chopping.
Qtrmoonshop thank you very much for the fantastic comment my friend
RickyTrek Wins Silver. Congratulations RT-1.
Great chop so congrats on silver Rickytrek1 and good choice with Chip's.
Always brilliant my friend. I will frame this one Congrats on the silver... Take care of my gun hehehe.
A wonderful chop of Chips carictures, Ricky. Congratulations winning the Silver.
Congrats on the Silver, Ricky … quite the impressive show of work in this FS.
Guys thaaaaaaaaaaaank you very much from my heart for this silver cup I love u all boys thanksss again

Funny Plain View

Plain View
My guess is he left the country.. Member reactions:
The only sandbox riot Putin will never arrest.


Now Shirley is back with her puppies. Member reactions:
One of the best so far.
Great Chop Hidden. Love it. The Blemish on her front tooth really catches my eye though.
Splatshot, my friend i am happy my job you love, thank from heart for th่ wonderful compliment
Kudos... evirio glory for you my unknown new friend
fix the tooth please.. ,,otherwise its perfect..
Fantastic use of lights and reflections. Good luck. Good
Breathtaking work, I love how you did the reflections on the bubbles.
Thaaaaaaank you very much from my heart alla guys, you are always fantastica whit me band myworks thanks premiememe jmshorts nanny sullishere ericnorthend balodyia Luciano Morelli band vlad-master site
So beautiful heart to share the joy with puppies
Congrats on the cup. Good looking chop with nice filters.
Thank you alla guys pcrdds rajiesshtar hohouse black ... geriatric vlad splatshot opcrom hitspinner gummy gracjas muchacos

Funny Freaking View

Freaking View

Funny Worldwide points of view

Worldwide points of view
. Member reactions:
Good idea. Your world gloves could look a bit more real and this picture would be more effective.
Awesome concept, smiling face of it is cool
So cool

Funny THE LAST POPE (full view please)

THE LAST POPE (full view please)
. Member reactions:
Fantastic work here.Great caricature,great execution,blend and texture.Great hidden
miss andwhat your compliments are always fantastics... iam very happy, thaaaaaank you veri much beautil miss
Superlative. I was missing this pope Francis behaviour
lucianomorelli, you are italian, i am italian your compliment vale doppio per me, grazie di cuore amico mio,,,, grazie di dimostrari sempre il tuo apprezzamento per i iei lavori
Yer gonna' burn in New Jersey for this one...
Another Master piece of luck
Fantastico lavoro, anche se francamente non ce lo vedo Papa Francesco nei panni mefistofelici in cui l'hai messo (I don't agree on the meaning, but I like your amazing artwork.)
We PJ. haHhahhAHhaha Hai letto nel mio pensiero......... condivido pienamente.
Fabolus job of Pope John Paul great expressions and a freaky smile with smokey effects all over good work
Freaky locket, craziness in laughing face and full of texture skin. its superb. and the light effect is top of its category
Roby, volevo solo giocare con il papa, non voglio offendere la sua figura, questo papa anzi mi sembra un po meglio di Ratzinger... che era molto una figura cupa e tetra... per fortuna ่ andato in pensione, speriamo che questo papa porti la chiesa ad un livello piu vicino alla gente, ai poveri... alla sofferenza, proprio come voleva San Francesco nel 1200 grazie dei complimenti ------------------------------------------------------------I just wanted to play with the Pope, I do not want to offend her figure, this pope indeed seems a bit better than Ratzinger ... a figure which was very dark and gloomy ... thankfully retired, we hope that this pope will bring the church to a level closest to the people, to the poor ... suffering, just as he wanted to St. Francis in 1200
geriatric hehehehe friend
psmandrake grazie amico mio... comunque ่ molto meglio di quello precedente... molto piu' umano perlomeno
balodyia thaaaaaank you my friend for your wonderful compliments, you make me happy
sulliishere thank you guy you are a my new friend...
rajeshstar a lot of fantastic compliments my friend... thaaaaaaaan ... xx you
He is a good man and should be a good pope. Hope the 666 is not prophetic Very nice work done. It has a Kratos feel. Congrats on the silver
Another impressive artwork from Ricky - congrats on the silver too.
D.congrats ricky....time to harvest some trophies.
hitspinner I think it's a good pope .... I just wanted to play with the figure of the new pope, without offending him, thank you very much
silvercanine I hope this time still a little hard, I like to win sometimes. thaaaaank you my friend

Funny From the driver point of view

From the driver point of view
. Member reactions:
. I feel as though I'm driving the team. Excellent Job.
Right side of the picture has got so beautiful view.. wonderful idea

Funny Sunny day with view on Titanic

Sunny day with view on Titanic
. Member reactions:
Excellent.....color combination and concept is nice

Funny Door with a View

Door with a View
Photoshop this door view image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: redesigning this door; changing the woman at the door for someone else, putting people, ghosts, or objects into the door view. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Vailiki and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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