Blumenthaul, Never Served In Vietnam!
Blumenthaul, Never Served In Vietnam!
Blumenthaul, Never Served In Vietnam!.

Funny Good morning Vietnam

Good morning Vietnam

Funny George W Bush, Martin Luther King and Barack Obama in Vietnam

George W Bush, Martin Luther King and Barack Obama in Vietnam
George W Bush, Martin Luther King and Barack Obama in Vietnam
Member reactions:
I wish king had gone the usa would better
Funny,great blending,congrats on the wood Wanderer

Funny Theodore Roosevelt the Soldier in Vietnam

Theodore Roosevelt the Soldier in Vietnam
Member reactions:
This is really good Ho,should have scored higher

Funny Teddy Roosevelt in VietNam

Teddy Roosevelt in VietNam
Member reactions:
Tragic history but that place is now quite good and progressing

Funny Helicopter in Vietnam 1970

Helicopter in Vietnam 1970
I used 3 photos for this compilation . Sources
Member reactions:
I am having problems creating a Link to my Tinypic source photos. The original photos are Kodacolor, old, Low-rez & generally crappy. Garbage IN-Garbage OUT...
Your link works now. You gave a second life to these old photos with this chop.
I will master the Link eventually...Duh..
oops ^^
Nice work. Congratulations on the silver.

Funny Explosion at Vietnam

Explosion at Vietnam
Member reactions:
Great use of filter here love the smoke and fire ball good one
Quality work, but I feel the filter use is a bit strong here

Funny 1969 From Woodstock to Vietnam

1969 From Woodstock to Vietnam
From Woodstock to VietNam
Member reactions:
Pretty good. Like the use of B+W for the dismal Vietnam pic's in contrast to the colorful more warm-fuzzy memories of the "Summer of Love". (Which IMO ended with Charlie Manson and his crew). Remember the daily body counts on the evening news. How come they don't include daily body counts and the live combat footage on the news these days.
Body count on the enemy side was more important then, now body count on our side is what counts. 1969 is when I went from Woodstock to the Marine Corps.
Good collection and nice idea of half color and half black and white
Well merged with the color-black combination, nice idea to show the real suffering of the world
Hidden Author - I remember body counts on USA boys, not VC. If you went USMC, you must have enlisted, rather than a draftee. Good Tidings. (Semper Fi.) You must have seen a lot in the green. If our current news outlets were allowed to include our daily body counts and live combat footage where would popular opinion be these days. Would we still be in Afghanistan. Got some kin involved in that CF. Your chop's got: General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan offing Nguyễn Văn Lm. Phan Thị Kim Phc (running ... on a road after being napalmed). You left out Bhuddist Monks immolating themselves in war protest. Why aren't any contemporary images of the carnage allowed to come out and grab us. Are we all ho-hum about it, or just not paying attention.
Semper Fi Steve10, just to answer a couple of things, believe it or not I was drafted in the USMC, right after woodstock, what a bummer it was. The monk immolating himself is there, barely visible, bottom, at six o'clock. This chop was very personal, didn't come out as well as I had in mind, lack of time to put more work into it.

Funny Catwoman in Vietnam

Catwoman in Vietnam
Member reactions:
She is desaturated , I used the black & white filter in CS5 but adjusted it a little so she will stand out more.
Great pic. Just desaturated would look good too, Well done.
Nice idea with great action . . . she doesn't match the photo though, it looks like she's been intentionally isolated against a separate background image . . .

Funny The Joker in Vietnam War

The Joker in Vietnam War
Member reactions:
Well,your right he wasn't a SUPERHERO but the joker was a Super character in the movies he played in. One must think out of the box when it comes to Superheroes ....
The Joker is a super villain or arch enemy, the opposite of a superhero ... there's nothing outside of the box about that ...
Well everyone has their opinion Gtrmoonshop . I've seen other contests here where one must see out of the box .
I'm sorry, but disregarding the rules is not thinking outside of the box . . . coming up with an idea within the rules, that is totally unexpected and unique and not within the realm of common thinking, that's thinking "outside the box" . . .
Check the latest forum out , i'm not the only one who thinks that Supervillains can be in this contest . I'm an extremist when it comes to photoshopping , i have no bounds & always take my work to the edge . Its the old Hippie in me ....

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