Death Star video game
Death Star video game
Death Star video game.

Funny Isis Hostage Video Green Screen

Isis Hostage Video Green Screen
Was the new ISIS hostage video shot indoors.
Member reactions:
That may well be the case. Bad idea to ... off the Japanese in any case.
The Japanese will find a way to get back at those lunatics.
Hmmm. Makes me wonder what they're doing up there at Skywalker Ranch.

Funny Ahmadinejad And Nancy Pelosi Play A Video Game

Ahmadinejad And Nancy Pelosi Play A Video Game
Sure looks like they're both enjoying playing a video game.
Member reactions:
Congratulations Paul. I thought this would win.
Great thinking behind this chop, and great blending too. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.

Funny Madden Video Football Game Shrinks Player

Madden Video Football Game Shrinks Player
Madden Football Programming Glitch Shrinks One Player to 14"
Member reactions:
I think it's good that you took out the other player.
The little guy doesn't need any help
Super duper work, very professional idea and amazing execution
. I thought this one would place higher too. Very nice.

Funny Navy Seal Training Video Game

Navy Seal Training Video Game
Navy SEALs Punished For Videogame Consultation
Member reactions:
even kids can train Navy Seals very funny story
Great idea of training the soldiers good skills shown here

Funny Obama and Son Playing a Video Game

Obama and Son Playing a Video Game
If Obama had a son..
Member reactions:
Looks funny for both to play together a funny game

Funny Dishonored Video Game

Dishonored Video Game
Source Picture: dishonoredx360cover.jpg
Member reactions:
I really like this. It vwill be a winner :0)

Funny Raging Pacman Video

Raging Pacman Video
Man...I sure had to rework this some. I misread, and had 35 instead of 32, and changed several times. Give me an extra credit for trying so hard...
Member reactions:
This is great but I'm sure the votes will be higher if you color it
Nice retouch....I agree much better in color,but it did look nice B&W.
I guess its Xbox to PS conversion ha ha ha nice idea
in my humble opinion the B/W version was much better. It reminded me of the horror films of the 50's.
Great this is the larger and final version of Pacman in 3d . good job

Funny Angels, Jesus and Video Games

Angels, Jesus and Video Games
Member reactions:
Lot of work in this basement dwelling video playing christ twist. Am impressed. How did you move the arm..
I found some forearms that were the right pose (but had a watermark) and got my hubby to copy the pose with our game device, taking the photo so that there was white fabric between his body and arms so his arms were easy to cut out. I then colour corrected, merged and smudged the two images together and backfilled over the old arms with a combination of copying the existing fabric and drawing in my own. Thanks for asking, I have found the occasional notes on here and the tips very useful.
I think the hands and gadget could be smaller and the big box a little less sharp to blend in. (Sorry I know nothing about them)
Very well executed.., Nice thought of playing video games. Its really good
This is just the best. The Angels are like " Jesus is re-spawning again" Great work.

Funny The Afterlife in Video Games

The Afterlife in Video Games
Member reactions:
Looks like the obvious capitalist thing to do:make money from this religious Psycopath's demise. The catch is that he can never Win with a 1000 game scenarios to choose from the Menu. Points for concept and execution-good luck.

Funny Video Devices

Video Devices
Time to put your "Inventor's Hat" on and create new ways to utilize video items. Use every day items, or find an unusual way of incorporating any video device (panels, camcorders, etc.) into a unique product or application!

Funny Video Games

Video Games
Create images from any new video games pitting politicians against each other (or working together). Feel free to use any US or world politicians.

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