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Funny Verizon Pictures

Apple Scientist & Verizon iPhoneFunny Apple Scientist & Verizon iPhone
Member reactions:
Is Apple prepping for a Verizon iPhone.
Love how you constructed the green Apple guy and made the floating cellphone. I would some shadows from the goggles and under his chip. Perfect otherwise.
Thanks all for the votes and comments NM... I was torn about adding a shadow around the glasses, because of the glow from the chip. In hindsight I should have added a little more of a shadow.
DDB nice work..,,it works great i love the movement ,.. congratulations.
hey ddb,, congrats on the silver mate...good entry..loved it..
Congrats DDB. thanx to you . Now im a bit scared of my apple
Congrats on the silver DDB, excellant chop..

Verizon Droid vs Iphone BoxingFunny Verizon Droid vs Iphone Boxing
Member reactions:

Verizon's New Droid vs Iphone
pretty cool, but I'd add some shadows from the arms

Samsung & Verizon to Launch Camera PhoneFunny Samsung & Verizon to Launch Camera Phone
Member reactions:

Ooooo, Look. As soon as we take a picture, we can chop it with the built in software.
What ever happened to phones that you just talked on.

VerizonFunny Verizon
Member reactions:

Can You Hear Me Now.
the little green guys are all cut up and not alighned... buts its still a good idea
I think if you lost the little green men and brightened the alien/man then this would look better.
I agree with DeanoWilsono and MojoRisin. But it is still a good idea.
I find the little green men distracting, may they could be toned down a bit.
The Toy Story guys are obviously mirrored. I would have spent the time to cut one out and making a bunch of different layers to bring them all together. Still nicely done.

Verizon Mobile ArafatFunny Verizon Mobile Arafat
Member reactions:

Instead of flying to america to yak it up with Dubya, Arafat hatches a new plan.

Verizon BitesFunny Verizon Bites
Member reactions:

Verizon WirelessFunny Verizon Wireless
Member reactions:

Verizon ParrotFunny Verizon Parrot
Member reactions:

With the new Verizon mobile plan - you can talk all you want .
"AWK...Polly wants a cellphone."
"Can he talk." "Can he EVER...goes over minutes every month."
Now, where's my cracker... You promised me a cracker.

Verizons new SlasherFunny Verizons new Slasher
Member reactions:

Verizon to use new tech to slash costs

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