the Death of Marat with a Verizon Bill
the Death of Marat with a Verizon Bill
the Death of Marat with a Verizon Bill. Member reactions:
, this brings up distant memories...

Funny Apple Scientist & Verizon iPhone

Apple Scientist & Verizon iPhone
Is Apple prepping for a Verizon iPhone.
Member reactions:
Love how you constructed the green Apple guy and made the floating cellphone. I would some shadows from the goggles and under his chip. Perfect otherwise.
Thanks all for the votes and comments NM... I was torn about adding a shadow around the glasses, because of the glow from the chip. In hindsight I should have added a little more of a shadow.
DDB nice work..,,it works great i love the movement ,.. congratulations.
hey ddb,, congrats on the silver mate...good entry..loved it..
Congrats DDB. thanx to you . Now im a bit scared of my apple
Congrats on the silver DDB, excellant chop..

Funny Verizon Droid vs Iphone Boxing

Verizon Droid vs Iphone Boxing
Verizon's New Droid vs Iphone
Member reactions:
pretty cool, but I'd add some shadows from the arms

Funny Samsung & Verizon Camera Phone

Samsung & Verizon Camera Phone
Member reactions:
Ooooo, Look. As soon as we take a picture, we can chop it with the built in software.
What ever happened to phones that you just talked on.

Funny Verizon

Can You Hear Me Now.
Member reactions:
the little green guys are all cut up and not alighned... buts its still a good idea
I think if you lost the little green men and brightened the alien/man then this would look better.
I agree with DeanoWilsono and MojoRisin. But it is still a good idea.
I find the little green men distracting, may they could be toned down a bit.
The Toy Story guys are obviously mirrored. I would have spent the time to cut one out and making a bunch of different layers to bring them all together. Still nicely done.

Funny Verizon Mobile Arafat

Verizon Mobile Arafat
Instead of flying to america to yak it up with Dubya, Arafat hatches a new plan.

Funny Verizon Bites

Verizon Bites

Funny Verizon Wireless Monkey

Verizon Wireless Monkey

Funny Parrot Wearing a Verizon T-Shirt

Parrot Wearing a Verizon T-Shirt
With the new Verizon mobile plan - you can talk all you want .
Member reactions:
"AWK...Polly wants a cellphone."
"Can he talk." "Can he EVER...goes over minutes every month."
Now, where's my cracker... You promised me a cracker.

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