Baby Planet Vendor with Johnny Depp
Baby Planet Vendor with Johnny Depp
Baby Planet Vendor with Johnny Depp. Things you can do out of a body
Member reactions:
This chop looks like a dream world he looks so crazy holding a snake and still smiling
I was just spit my drink on the screen with sudden laugh on his face....This is so crazy
Lol, my screen looks like the garbage area of a soup kitchen from the same reaction to stuff on here, Eric Thanks and thanks to Rajesh, The D-man, Newsey and Hi Ho Silvercanine. Glad you guys liked it. Indeed it is a dream world Rajesh, my favorite hiding place
Congrats on the gold, Hits. I would only get rid of the missing teeth here (they seem like a cliche), but otherwise very creative work.
Cliché, how do you mean. I have never seen anyone else chop an alien with missing teeth before. I think even if a person was to assume I am inferring a sub class of street worker that is so poor he cannot afford dental care, well then even the inference that there are poor aliens would be novel one and not cliché. Admit it, I am a genius hahahahahahahhah Kidding aside, what am I missing. I value your input
Every time I see. I get my arss off with laugh..cand understand whats the factor

Funny Tiger Woods plays with Baby Ball Vendor

Tiger Woods plays with Baby Ball Vendor
Member reactions:
Tiger Woods looking for to many holes and it's his main problem.
This I thought was Doc or Wanderer doing Doc and I was right. You guys are so sneaky in this contest. Nice looking chop and funny. Cup Kudos
Wood congrats, Wanderer. Nice shadow work here.

Funny Vendor on an Alien Planet

Vendor on an Alien Planet
Member reactions:
I dont know why I laugh but this small alien at right side in background is generating some short of thunder to the Man.. what's the idea behind it

Funny Barack Obama the Fruit Vendor

Barack Obama the Fruit Vendor
Abington wants to crack down on outdoor vendors, hawkers
Member reactions:
Congrats PSMandrake for trophies . Excellent job .
Truly awesome . Your powers are increasing young Jedi .
Congrats for Double win PSM , nice caricature.. ^^

Funny Alien Junk Food Vendor

Alien Junk Food Vendor
Alien Vendor
Member reactions:
Big time creative. Congrads on the cup Mr. Mundo....
Thankyou all...been taking some time off...but I'm back, agaisn't plenty of awesome talent..but well it's fun whether win or lose...Hi Newsy, Kellie, Jules, and all my old friends and hopefully new one's...
Silver congrats, Mundo. Great to see you on the podium again
Hi Mundo Matey....glad to see you back Congrats on the Silver & the woody

Funny Movie Ticket Vendor

Movie Ticket Vendor
Sherlock Homeboy is still more than a year away, but tickets are already going on sale Tomorrow. Hurry up and buy tickets in any Freaking Store...
Member reactions:
hahaha, so funny..sherlock'd you think of that...good doodie man...
bluestriker, you came close. I thought you would medal. Great concept and well done.
hmppp. I thought also, but i'm dissapointed.. Really dissapointed.........

Funny C3P0 and R2D2 Hot Dog Venders

C3P0 and R2D2 Hot Dog Venders
Full View
Member reactions:
Good work
The work is pretty good. Xaos observe the traces of this work. Ummmm. I have hunger, I eat ............
Congrads Xaos, never can find anything to improve your work,wonderbra
Congrats on the gold. I knew you had it...Awesome chop.
Golden trophy and a complimentary space hotdog for our friend Chaos. oh, and you also win 5 starbucks. Congrats.
Ok, the thing is...I'm from Detroit, which is the hands-down Coney Dog Capital of the World. Even the GREEK restaurant down the block from me has a giant sign proclaiming it's "Mykonos Coney Island Restaurant." So we're accomplished purists, right. There's several problems we have here with your image, dude. 1) Where's the diced onions. Your breath should stink and repel even yard dogs for a minimum of two hours before you go swimming so you won't get cramps and die. 2) Where's the chili. It should be DROWNING in the stuff. Don't they teach kids this stuff in Star Wars land. All seriousness aside...GREAT IMAGE. Deep, vivid colors...good reflections on C3PO's metallic body...and WHAT the heck is that weird green stuff growing in the bottom right of the pic.

Funny Tea Street Vendor

Tea Street Vendor
Member reactions:
Quality blending - this looks like the original photo. However I would place another tea kettle in the front, just to give it more central place in the picture.
Great edit. I also like how you made all three kettles appear different by changing their angle and parts.
Nice work. Changing the handle on the one kettle is a small detail that really shows.
Should have changed the colour of the kettle a looks out of place...does not match with the picture as such...too big.
Also it does not make sense for you to have three kettles where the guy is chopping onions...Weird
There is an empty coffee mug there though, hahaha

Funny Street Vendor Who Takes Credit Cards Painting

Street Vendor Who Takes Credit Cards Painting
Member reactions:
Good idea. The credit card logos seem too bright to me. Try toning them down to match the painting.
Keb has a good point. Also the wall sign should not cast the shadow on on the turban.
there...I fixed as you hinted.I hope it´s better now...
v nice entry, i like the subtle calculator at the side

Funny vendor Jackie Chan

vendor Jackie Chan

Funny Baby Ball Vendor

Baby Ball Vendor
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of the baby ball vendor any way you wish (image credit: Wilfredor). Some examples are - redress the vendor, make him sell baby balls in unusual places, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Ticket Vendor

Ticket Vendor
Photoshop this ticket vendor image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: showing the other things this ticket vendor may sell or promote, putting the the ticket vendor into some new environment, using this ticket vendor image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Dragan Sasic and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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