Robin Quivers and Jackie Martling Eating Fruit and Vegetables
Robin Quivers and Jackie Martling Eating Fruit and Vegetables
Robin Quivers and Jackie Martling Eating Fruit and Vegetables. Robin Quivers and Jackie the Jokeman Martling Having Lunch at the Friars Club.
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats, Pree. Peppers and Bannanna... sounds... revolting hahahahahah.
Great caricatures, very nice work preemiememe.
It should end higher, excellent job Pree .

Funny Girl in Her Vegetable Garden with her Dog Dressed in Clothes

Girl in Her Vegetable Garden with her Dog Dressed in Clothes

Funny Cat Guarding the Vegetables in the Garden From Birds

Cat Guarding the Vegetables in the Garden From Birds

Funny American Gothic Vegetable Farmers

American Gothic Vegetable Farmers
Member reactions:
Both the couple now doing some hard work on the fields good look and nice chop of making both the gothic couple to look different

Funny Vegetable Clint Eastwood

Vegetable Clint Eastwood
Member reactions:
Looks like something created by Monsanto...
Veg Harry Looks awesome... Like the leafy touch to his body and the beetles creeping over his body is amazing Like the Melon with Eye give a Halloween look
Halloween head is fantastic... and its a perfect chop Good luck
Freaking cool, Jer...well deserved. congrats
Jere Jere Jere. You rawk... Mighty great to see you again, and congrats on the gold.

Funny Barack Obama Flying a Vegetable Helicopter

Barack Obama Flying a Vegetable Helicopter
Member reactions:
Funny, well done. Is this background from farmville. ...
Love this.....and I know a few flying vegetables.

Funny Space Vegetables

Space Vegetables
please critique it is my first time
Member reactions:
The star fruit look so cute in your picture of the fruity universe.
you should go over the continents with another layer to make them more noticable tht clouds look ok. spin a few starfruit so they appear different or actually use diff pics of it. i like it though
I like it alot..Id love to see some Nebula in the backgroung to and a few real stars.maybe even a space shuttle..Its endless the choices....but a good mark from me..well done and Welcome...
yeah the extra noise in the background would've helped a lot
thanks guys i will do it again with your suggestions and have a look at it. Thanks
Welcome, to the crazy house of of luck...
Congratulations, Dracorio. An excellent result for your first entry.

Funny Vegetable Monster Attacking

Vegetable Monster Attacking
Member reactions:
Awesome.....I'm staying away from veggies from now on.
Thank You. Disasterman, Sunshin3, gmkishor, RICKEYTRECK1, Geriatric, picasso and carl3.
great job, excellent piece with superb lighting effects
Thanks rajeshstar, Thanks Kellie , Thanks sams...
Bloody brilliant. Worthy of a poster to warn everyone of the European veggies.
perfect job you deserved gold congrats Xaos
Thanks guys. appreciate all the great comments.
You know how long it took me to learn to eat my veggies. Now I have to start over. Congrats.
The master is baaaack, and he's creating more chaos. Congrats on the win, X.
LoL Deaddog, thank you. Thank You, Rainman, Sunshin3, Salis mate, Boulpix, Newsy and Ricky...

Funny Vegetables Hiding Waiting to Attack Woman in Bath

Vegetables Hiding Waiting to Attack Woman in Bath
they might be behind you right know source
Member reactions:
A real beauty. I'll call them "peeping vegs".
I am sure they will not harm her Perfect work.

Funny Bush Hunted by Vegetable Monster

Bush Hunted by Vegetable Monster
Member reactions:
And a Bronze and double whammy congrats, Lady Sunshin3.
Congratulations again. Like this better-no fire.
Congrats on the Bronze Sunshin3. good stuff.
Thank you guys so much, I appreciate Picasso, Paul, Geriatric, Xaos, DD, Rainman

Funny Fruits, Vegetables in Space?

Fruits, Vegetables in Space?
The Chinese have launched their first "breeding" satellite, with the sole mission to carry seeds of vegetables, fruits and other plants into space, expose them to cosmic radiation and micro-gravity in hopes they mutate into better breeds which can be cultivated on earth upon return.I know that every fifth person on earth is Chinese, so they are the experts when it comes to breeding and cultivation. But launching a bag of seeds into space in the hopes that they mutate into something better is like sending Mel Gibson in space and naively hoping he'll come back sober. Or launching Paris Hilton into space in hopes she'll bring back new strains of STDs for scientific research. OK the last one may actually be pretty plausible provided that there's at least some "matable" life on other planets. Still, the Earth could be a safer place if Paris were 'boldly staying where no one has stayed before' In this contest you are asked to photoshop one of the following: 1) Show how gardening and cultivating (fruits, vegetables, or other plants) will happen in space (on planets, moons or in free space). Including (or not) astronauts is up to you. 2) Spacecrafts made (in part of full) of fruits or vegetables 3) Planets or sun made of fruits or vegetables

Funny Hybrid fruits and vegetables

Hybrid fruits and vegetables
Photoshop crosses / hybrids between different fruits and vegetables.

Funny Fruit & Vegetable Weapons

Fruit & Vegetable Weapons
Create weapons out of fruits and vegetables! Combine conventional weapons (guns, knives, explosives, etc) with fruits and vegetables.

Funny Giant Fruits and Vegetables

Giant Fruits and Vegetables
Create any giant fruit or vegetable. Make your images as realistic as possible. Take your time blending your new monster vegetables and fruits into everyday scenes.

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