Vatican D.C.
Vatican D.C.
Vatican D.C.. The dome on St. Peter's Basilica has been replaced with the dome of the Capitol building and the Egyptian Obelisk has been replaced with the Washington Monument. Also, the structure to the left is the Jefferson Memorial on top of the Lincoln Memorial.
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Nice job on your pic but, wish it could be viewed larger
I don't understand. For a larger view:
Nice... Washington DC and Vatican city sharing the joy together

Funny The Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum

Funny St Peter's Church Vatican

St Peter's Church Vatican
The sounds of churchbells ringing means the Vatican is at DEFCON 4.

Funny Vatican Casino

Vatican Casino
The Pope takes a break.

Funny Secrets Vatican Tabernacle

Secrets Vatican Tabernacle
secrets they don't want you to know, What is out there....
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Its a way to enter into the mighty universe good chop

Funny Vatican Tourism Poster with the Pope

Vatican Tourism Poster with the Pope
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Hahahahahah, Oldman....This is nasty looking
29th and still blocked. worst yet. Oh well, back to the proverbial drawing board. HA HA.

Funny The Pope in Vatican City

The Pope in Vatican City
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i like it, but i would adjust the colors of his face a little, more like his torso. A little more reddish on top and a little more blue under his chin as on the lower part of his belly
If anyone can get away with things, the Vati-can.
Thou works better than Thous. Aside from that-looks good.

Funny Barack Obama Looting the Vatican

Barack Obama Looting the Vatican
The plan was simple,lace the Vatican water supply with LSD, then with the help of bob rafto's wealth buddha's the looting of the Vatican began so it could be distributed to all the poor folk in the US. Guaranteed to boost ratings.
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Obama seems so happy. Reminds me some Chinese Netsuke art

Funny George Bush and Pope in Vatican Garden Maze

George Bush and Pope in Vatican Garden Maze
Bush meets Pope in Vatican gardens
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Great satire here, but I would welcome some shadows from them, unless they are all (holy) ghosts, of course

Funny Vatican Secret Service

Vatican Secret Service

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