Van Gogh Vampire Hunter
Van Gogh Vampire Hunter
Van Gogh Vampire Hunter. From the makers of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter comes the true story of historys greatest painter/vampire hunter..Christian Bale is Vincent Van Gogh

Funny vampire skull

vampire skull
just messing around
Member reactions:
You messed around quite well. I love how the skeleton head with fangs emerges out of the background.
Skull is very impressive, not background.

Funny The Vampire Duchess of Alba by Goya

The Vampire Duchess of Alba by Goya
Member reactions:
Very artistic and smart chop. You turned her into a vampire and it looks like a real painting in the frame
Great chop, but why you made the ground so blurry .
Thank you NewsMaster, Burnsey, ericnorthend, balodiya, lucianomorelli, & pcrdds lucianomorelli, the ground is not blurry, it is mist, fog, dankness.
You did a Fantastic Job, Its420here. Love the broken glass and painting work.

Funny Leslie Nielsen the Vampire with a Big Nose

Leslie Nielsen the Vampire with a Big Nose
Member reactions:
FUNNY. BRILLIANT. I want to show it to everyone.
The teeth out of the nostrils are freaking brilliant.

Funny Vampire Club in a Cave

Vampire Club in a Cave
Join our club and discover the secret to eternal youth 'Vampire' blood transfusions could cure Alzheimer's and even be the secret to eternal youth
Member reactions:
Good picture work with blood and cave its perfect location for vampires group
Looks like vampire blood worked wonders for these ladies - they look young to me Good job.

Funny Vampire Facelift

Vampire Facelift
'Vampire Face-Lifts' Provider Arrested After Suspicious Death
Member reactions:
I thought AZ Rainman was back for a sec. , really nice work. Mag quality. Two itty bitty quibbles, definition needs a little tightening on left nostril and bottom of dress needs a wee bit of sharpening. Other than that, go to press.
Fantastic work... the Vampire look is awesome... lovely hair and scary teeth scares everybody Like the beauty with a sword behind the Vampire
Why so much hate vs vampires . Hey, vamp, call 911 .

Funny Vampire Model

Vampire Model
Member reactions:
Nice mood shown here... good work on the blood drops and ears like this chop

Funny Vampire With a Pearl Earring Painting by Vermeer

Vampire With a Pearl Earring Painting by Vermeer
Maybe He'd be in the Halloween and/or vampire craze.
Member reactions:
Quality work, but the image size is rather small

Funny Black Panther the Vampire Hunter

Black Panther the Vampire Hunter
Member reactions:
Great poster design... nice merge of the superheros
Thank You, rajeshstar, balodiya, geriatric
Great chop, very dramatic, Xaos. Black Panther is a new one to me, must be after my time, I have never heard of that one. Cool. I almost used "Spawn of the Dead" A technical nit pick that is driving me nuts... It may be my eyes but did you use two right arms. Congrads on the top cup.
Late to the party, but Congrads on the Gold Cup.
Wonderful movie art. Congrats on the gold, Chaos.
Thank you, Hitspinner, Doc, HoHouse, and Newsy..
Hitspinner- Nope. used a left and right arm.....what could be throwing you off is the pinky finger is not grasping the handle. Here's some info on Marvel comics super hero "Black Panther" First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #52 (1966) Taught by his father to think two steps ahead of enemies and three steps ahead of friends. Inviting the Fantastic Four to visit him, he forced them into a series of tests, then allied with them against a returning Klaw. He also joined the Avengers to spy on them from within, but soon came to regard them as true friends and staunch allies.

Funny Johnny Depp Vampire

Johnny Depp Vampire
did this for the Johnny Depp contest, but was too here it is
Member reactions:
Superb Nice to see the blood flowing on the rock
Yet its Stone-Cold chop. I like this very much
Lovely Johnny a great comeback of the hero after 50

Funny Vampire Celebrities

Vampire Celebrities
Last week Texas police arrested a self-proclaimed 'vampire' after he broke into a woman's apartment wearing only boxers, hissed and growled while biting her. Take any celebrities and turn them into vampires.

Funny Vampire Frogs

Vampire Frogs
The new "vampire flying frog" species has been discovered in southern Vietnamese cloud forests. The frog lives on trees and can't really fly - rather it jumps from tree to tree. Neither does it suck blood, but it didn't stop scientists from calling it vampire flying frog (Latin - Rhacophorus vampyrus). The frog owns its bloodsucking moniker to its tadpole which sports the black fangs. Scientists are yet unsure what these fangs are used for, some suggest that they are useful in hunting and fighting with the frog's natural predators. Take any frogs and photoshop them into vampires any way you wish.

Funny Celebrity Vampires

Celebrity Vampires
Tales of vampires in many cultures were inspired by several kinds of bats who are natural vampires and drink blood of cattle and other animals. Such bats were considered to be spirits of the undead consuming the blood or flesh of living beings. Vampire costumes are traditionally on the top of the sales list every Halloween season. Turn celebrities (or politicians) into vampires, monsters or zombies. Here's a good example 1, and example 2.

Funny Vampires

Marilyn Manson said he feels like he's living a life of vampire who tries to prey on young women at night and "consume" them. Manson's pick up strategy seems to work, because women tell him "Bite me!" all the time. In this contest you are asked to turn celebrities and politicians into vampires. Feel free to use photos, movies, or paintings to turn your victim into a vampire.

Funny Celebrities Vampires

Celebrities Vampires
Turn politicians and celebrities into vampires or monsters.

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