Vampire Bride
Vampire Bride
Vampire Bride. Member reactions:
Scary Helena good work to make her little invisible mode and add a bit of horror to the image

Funny The Vampire Lovers

The Vampire Lovers
Member reactions:
This is nice HIDDEN. Finally getting used to your style.
Great ambience and like the blood stains over their face... good one

Funny The Vampire's Crypt

The Vampire's Crypt
Member reactions:
just brilliant everything about it...good luck matey.
Well, we know who he is looking for:"HIDDEN. Yer' friend is here."
Vampire is really scary with that blood stained face and the lighting behind him really makes him more scary... good chop
QueerAngel8900 really nice.... congrats....
*~~* Nice Work, QA.
Congrats on the wood, QA ... Great looking chop.
Clean, stylish work. Congrats on the wood, Angel.

Funny Vampire Lesbians

Vampire Lesbians
Member reactions:
Very nice and artistic work, lovely brush work

Funny Nicolas Sarkozy the Vampire

Nicolas Sarkozy the Vampire
Member reactions:
Nice flash of rays of light from the moon and the making him a party animal with a freaky teeth coming out of the mouth is really great
His teeth made me MAD... funny like anything

Funny Goldman Sachs Octo-Vampire

Goldman Sachs Octo-Vampire
Former mid-level employee writes NY Times scathing Op-Ed Article about Goldman Sachs and the CEO, Lloyd Blankfein depicted here are described in the article as an, "Octopus-Vampire". Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs
Member reactions:
So danger composition, great merge hidden
Thanks eric for the comment, and geriatric for the encouragement.
Great work done on the Octopus face and teeth specially the oozing blood from his mouth and a drop falling down is awesome
The Octopus look given was very nice and very scary
thanks robin and geriatric, very kind words. Great place this FN is, I am settling in very well with great people. Thanks.

Funny Kate beckensale Vampire

Kate beckensale Vampire

Funny Winona Ryder Vampire

Winona Ryder Vampire
Member reactions:
These red eyes spook me. Seriously good job, luke.

Funny Dr House Vampire

Dr House Vampire
please view in Hi-Res
Member reactions:
Cool. It'd score higher if it looked more like a photo though

Funny Megan Fox Vampire

Megan Fox Vampire
Member reactions:
What. No teeth/fangs. I'm disappointed. Attractive portrayal of her-good luck.
Hnnn Geriatic... she has jst finished ehr mail it seems,so it loos perfect 4 me, maybe if you were to spent some time with her you would see and Feel her teeth,whahahahaha.just kidding,
that fake blood looks like as if she has eaten any tomato Sauce or any gelly ice cream, it could be more realistic, all the best
It has many .... with teeth and mouth is not open to show
owh gosh my grammer sucks.... jst=just---ehr= her...mail=meal...loos = looks pwhiefff, sorry...that is what looking at scarry things do with my brain, YIKES.

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