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Funny Valley Pictures

Hidden ValleyFunny Hidden Valley
Member reactions:

I liked this piece before the edit, now it's just ...WoW.
thanks. Kellie- made the zeppelin a bit larger, painted in a nicer sky, and some color tweaks... glad you like it
Freaking Fantastic Works Loving this one going in my favorites
was out of town and just got back...did'nt have a chance to comment on the entries. Yours is absolutly beautiful. Congrats.
Silver congrats, Chaos man. It's a freaking beauty in full view.

Aarah Palin in Rogue River ValleyFunny Aarah Palin in Rogue River Valley
Member reactions:

Going Rogue
She can lie in my meadow anytime she likes.

Pirates of Silicon ValleyFunny Pirates of Silicon Valley
Member reactions:

Freight Train in ValleyFunny Freight Train in Valley
Member reactions:

Barrington won't soon be ruled by extra freight trains rolling by
This is just a drawing I've done for years because my dad was an engineer. First time I did it in photoshop.
Sweet. Makes me wanna do watercolors again

Death ValleyFunny Death Valley
Member reactions:

I like how you'v made it dark. Clean work.
Hehhehehehehe, so wrong it's right. Great Job
I agree with cell. A freaking artist here.

Death Valley Tunnel ExitFunny Death Valley Tunnel Exit
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Strange Mountains in ValleyFunny Strange Mountains in Valley
Member reactions:

The mountain sources are somewhat blurry here. I'd recommend using higher resolution sources

Silicone ValleyFunny Silicone Valley
Member reactions:

I don't see the relevance to this contest.
If All Men Had Maps like That they Wouldn't Have to Ask for Directions. They Might still be Lost. But they wouldn't Care where they were going.
Relevent. who cares, it looks like a fine map to me. Specially designed for the blind to read... in Braille ; -->
Maybe it looks better when the knob effect is left out and two sphere effects are added.
I think it's relevant to the contest. It is a color anomaly theme. I'm pretty sure maps aren't usually that color. maybe I'm wrong... let me look in the atlas for Intercourse Pennsylvania.
This idea deserves more than a last place. I liked it.

Death Valley CarsFunny Death Valley Cars
Member reactions:

Good concept but lower part of the car seems transparent

Little Girl in Valley of the DollsFunny Little Girl in Valley of the Dolls
Member reactions:

Not bad, but her left hand holding the doll looks like a claw.

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