Exorcist Valentine
Exorcist Valentine
Exorcist Valentine.

Funny The Darj Knight on Valentines Day

The Darj Knight on Valentines Day
Love is in the air, more specifically, in the heart-signal.

Funny Maleficent on Valentines Day

Maleficent on Valentines Day

Funny Rocky Balboa and Dolph Lundgren on Valentine's Day

Rocky Balboa and Dolph Lundgren on Valentine's Day
Member reactions:
Could be the best one. The pity is that every writing or painting on the wall should let see the bricks.
Great chop, but needs Rocky's face color adjustment. Congrats on the wood, Andrew.

Funny Avatar on Valentine's Day

Avatar on Valentine's Day

Funny King Kong With Valentine Amy Winehouse

King Kong With Valentine Amy Winehouse
Member reactions:
Excellent way to express love for one another good conept of putting her in the mesh and sending message through Hawk
I have no idea how these elements fit so that is one good reason to like it LMFAO

Funny Frankenstein's Valentine

Frankenstein's Valentine
Member reactions:
Behind all this surgery, there's still a heart beatin'...
Its freaking brilliant its a devil's hospital where you can get our connection with your beloved well done in showing the heart connection
Wonderful job, love the hearts connection. Don't they know we are in the wifi era .
Would you be my Frankensitine Salute to the freak-master-chop the way both of them are connected is so close and heart touching idea, even though with the deadly subjects you made this perfect for the occation. Awesome work hidden
I got lucky finding the perfect sources Thank you HH, eric, Rickytrek, Luciano, Rajesh, Pat, and Evirio. Happy valentines day my friends
Congratulations Hits... Simply Flawless..
Very clever composition, skillfully done. The heart connection is great and I love the matching background where the red hearts are like red blood cells flowing in the blood. Congrats on the gold, Hits.
And you get the "Eagle-eye" prize, Newsey. You made the blood cell connection, very good. Like I say, there is usually more story to the chop than first impressions.. ... and thanks Jim, flawless is one of those lofty words that are too kind.
Your work just gets better and better, love it. Congrats on the win.
. Very cool image hitspinner. Well deserved winner here
Hadn't seen this, Tim. Magnificent. Well-deserved Gold....
Thanks so much Doc, MsgtBob, AZW, Armatien and Hobbit. Thanks Hobbit, the new addition of CS6 gave me a lot more oooomph. A dull axe still gets the job done but nothing like a sharp, brand new one
considering the original pic is in black and white you did one helluva bang up job :0)

Funny Zombie Valentine

Zombie Valentine
Member reactions:
Gifting one's heart is not an easy job... but Zombies can do for their beloved Awesome job... and like the Brain Cake great one
Ohh... so lovely, sweet memories for-ever
Would make a hellova Hallmark card hahahaah ...Congrats Jim
Agree with Hitspinner, would make awesome card. Bronze Congrats Jimmy

Funny Valentine Earth

Valentine Earth
Member reactions:
Cute and scary at the same time. Good job
Yea it's looks like some one from the outer-space target us
Now this is called a Out of the BOX, u have shown your love the the whole earth, I only assume this love bow wont pass thru my apartment, or I would say this is Killing Love As said RICKYTREK1, love this idea
I am stunned to find this chop down the ladder. I was thinking this was definitely one to worry about. Oh well, sometime we just have to scratch our heads and wonder. Pro job mate

Funny Valentines Day on the Simpsons

Valentines Day on the Simpsons

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