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Funny Vacuum Pictures

The Tyson Vacuum Funny The Tyson Vacuum
Member reactions:
For those who may not know, "Dyson" vacuums are very popular and very expensive in the USA.
This is the Modern Era and the Witches were using the modern Vacuum cleaner instead of broom very funny idea
Magical chop. Operators are standing by, .
Thanks, loyal people. Good one, AWESOME. Newsy, are you going to order one...if you call now, we'll double it...just pay additional shipping and handling.

Barack Obama Vacuum Transformer Sucking OilFunny Barack Obama Vacuum Transformer Sucking Oil
Member reactions:

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Perfect rendition of a disaster sucking up America's foundation.
Hahaha, fantastic concept and execution. and the prez better not smoke when he deals with oil, otherwise he's on fiiiiiirrre.
.. That is an awesome chop. I'm adding it to my favorites. Perfect 10 from me.
Congrats on the gold KeepItReal, awesome chop.
amazing chop and imagination, this had the winning stamp of approval from the second it was born, gratz
Thank you all very much for the comments and votes. I was a bit apprehensive about the title. I was going to call it "The Dysan Solution" but I have a more creative titler living with me and I lost that contest
Congrats on the gold, KIR. Another gold trophy, just after your 50th Birthday.
I just joined this site and man there is SO much EXCELLENT talent on this site. This is a PRIME example of some the great talent here. I have learned so much in just looking at some of this superb art work

Vacuum Tube Rocket TechnologyFunny Vacuum Tube Rocket Technology
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Drawing Vacuum CleanerFunny Drawing Vacuum Cleaner
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Vacuum CleanerFunny Vacuum Cleaner
Member reactions:

Even dressed up for Valentine's day this is NOT a pretty Valentine's gift guys.
Reminds of the time I was given flannelette sheets for my birthday, and a dustbuster for Christmas
I'm fairly sure it would be used for unintended purposes if I gave that as a presant. Good idea.

Parisienne with vacuum cleanerFunny Parisienne with vacuum cleaner
Member reactions:

Doing the housework

Vacuum CleanerFunny Vacuum Cleaner
Member reactions:

Full of Craziness...this is called a Ground Level Training

iSuck Vacuum from AppleFunny iSuck Vacuum from Apple
Member reactions:

What is that hanging down between her legs.

Natalie Portman in a Vacuum CleanerFunny Natalie Portman in a Vacuum Cleaner
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Apple Vacuum CleanerFunny Apple Vacuum Cleaner
Member reactions:

iVacuum, making housework easier.
oh no, another Apple product that sucks. cool chop

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