Battle Droid's vacation
Battle Droid's vacation
Battle Droid's vacation. Member reactions:
Thank you,Hobbit. Rust is in the progress.

Funny Vacation with Putin

Vacation with Putin
Magic Putin promised election support for John Convyers in 2020.

Funny Let's guess who else will take long vacation with John Conyers

Let's guess who else will take long vacation with John Conyers
Vacation celebration dressed in HBO costumes

Funny Putin's Vacation.

Putin's Vacation.
Member reactions:
Crifty1, it is question to photographer. I used original picture "Putin's last vacation".

Funny Putin's Virtual Reality Vacation

Putin's Virtual Reality Vacation
Putin is collecting on his promise. Please View Full Size.
Member reactions:
Hilarious... what is in his mind. Obama looks awesome with blue lipstick

Funny O'Reilly's on Vacation

O'Reilly's on Vacation
Member reactions:
I'm going there is a week and a half, see ya there Bill.

Funny Vacation with friends

Vacation with friends

Funny Vacation time with Mittens

Vacation time with Mittens


Summer vacation at his favorite watering hole.

Funny Queen Elizabeth on Vacation

Queen Elizabeth on Vacation

Funny Putin Vacation

Putin Vacation
Vladimir Putin boats, sunbathes and picks mushrooms in his Russian vacation photos. Putin, spent the week fishing, hiking and kayaking while decked out in army gear, photos released by the Kremlin show. In one shot, Putin takes a dip in the water while wearing a camouflage dive suit. Create any type of image USING PUTIN VACATION PICTURES as your source- many can be found at the story link that follows: For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Vacation Sites

Vacation Sites
Incorporate new features, structures or additions to existing landmarks and popular vacation sites.

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