JOhn Boehner Resigns Goes on Vacation
JOhn Boehner Resigns Goes on Vacation
JOhn Boehner Resigns Goes on Vacation. Retires
Member reactions:
TY Didn't fool you with the correct anatomical structure. I think people are lying when they say they are getting tired of the characterized anatomy chops. I delivered an easy-peasy, fairly realistic style and splat, 0 for 3. Time to stoke up the fire and make it hard. hehehehe in my most evil laugh
Personally, one of my favorites in the contest. Love the realism here. Scored pretty well (over 8.1), though only 6th place

Funny Man on Vacation on Mars

Man on Vacation on Mars
Our FN pal, Peter Niven. Just a wee tribute
Member reactions:
hahahahaha, love it Hidden.. I wont vote as its would be unfair, but ten outa ten if i did mate..
TY Crafty, PSM Joan and Peter. Hope to see you chopping and well done on your recent exploits. I have been following Thanks for the imaginary 10. It was the honest thing to do.
Awesome chop Hit,congrats on the silver.You never fail to amaze
hahahahaha, just so cool.. Looks like ill have to pay you pack.....hahahahaha
Very artistic and as always an entertaining image, Hitman. 'applaud' I here the winters are brutal on Mars. Peter may need a larger bag.
Well, I might have meant Mars Pennsylvania SS, but it's cold there too hehe Thanks guys. Was a fun chop and fear not Peter, this tribute did get the popular vote but fell a bit short with just one judge. I shouldn't have talked you out of voting hahahaha. Let no good deed go unpunished I always say. If you do lampoon me sometime, be gentle Cheers mates

Funny Vladimir Putin On Vacation in Colorado Smoking Weed

Vladimir Putin On Vacation in Colorado Smoking Weed
Member reactions:
Someone told him this is the cure for assburgers syndrome. And it just might work. Sounds logical to me.
Great work... like holiday concept... no one predicted it

Funny Vladimir Putin on Vacation with Yanukovych

Vladimir Putin on Vacation with Yanukovych

Funny Doctors Vacation

Doctors Vacation

Funny Comet Vacation Spot

Comet Vacation Spot
As promised, the great cosmic fish appeared right on time
Member reactions:
Its like illusion dream comes true11 Best work
Very impressive but lender looks half the height of the woman.
I like this one Hit ,should have scored higher in my opinion
I was under the impression it was a really small probe Luciano. Thanks for the comments eric and swashbuckle

Funny Cats on Vacation

Cats on Vacation
Member reactions:
Love my sandbox... Happy cats... cool chop..
, thanks everyone. Sorry the resolution on these sources wasn't better.
Wheres the little umbrellas, just kidding nice job

Funny Barack Obama Spends His Vacation on the Golf Course

Barack Obama Spends His Vacation on the Golf Course
Obama golfs yet again while on vacation
Member reactions:
congrats on gold, mr p. excellent chopping and good humor.
Thanks, its420, Gummy, Bob, Tim, Andrew, G-Man and Newsy.

Funny Hands Vacation Time

Hands Vacation Time
Member reactions:
Man playing golf take the sun but don't produce shadows.
Freaky for sure. Shadows from the figures in the background would help

Funny African Parrot on Vacation

African Parrot on Vacation
Member reactions:
Thank you all. He's just getting some color in the sun.
Love the composition and the coloring work on the parrot - looks very natural.
Congratrs for the Silver, Toledo. Very clean and colorful
Congratulations, Toledo. Great comp...and just a Super Image.
Congrats on the silver, Tolego. Great to see you again.

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