No Vacancy
No Vacancy
No Vacancy. ‘Our country is FULL.’
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Licorice Wall is Brilliant. Works better than some sections of fence. WaPo is FULL. (of it)
Thanks Reg, the pro Trumpers didn’t think so. 🤣🤣🤣

Funny No Vacancy

No Vacancy
(12/14/05 - BIRITIBA MIRIM, Brazil) - There's no more room to bury the dead, they can't be cremated, and laws forbid a new cemetery. So the mayor of this Brazilian farm town has proposed a solution: outlaw death. Link here.
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What will they think of next - outlaw birth.

Funny Marijuana Field Vacancy

Marijuana Field Vacancy

Funny Proctologist Job Vacancy

Proctologist Job Vacancy
a poor sense of smell is a distinct advantage.

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