the future utopia
the future utopia
the future utopia. Member reactions:
Imaginative Work, Robin. Congrats on the Silver Cup.
Congrats, Robinbobin. Man is too big and we cant see more behind him.
Dang nice work RB. Mucho congrats on the silver

Funny Harrison Ford's Utopia

Harrison Ford's Utopia

Funny Bernie Sanders's Utopia

Bernie Sanders's Utopia

Funny New Utopia 2525

New Utopia 2525
Member reactions:
good to see Utopia like this in future...

Funny John Lennon Leading Hippies to Utopia

John Lennon Leading Hippies to Utopia

Funny Beer Drinkers in Utopia

Beer Drinkers in Utopia
Member reactions:
mmm beer ... Corona items too bright / saturated / need more noise though .. especially evident in full view. because the noise is big on source try creating a new layer with 50% gray, add noise, then enlarge layer 200%, then set layer to Overlay and adjust transparency until it fits (do this over the corana stuff only) I learned that trick on the FN forums.
Creative. Would actually make a great advertisement for Corona

Funny Oil Utopia Poster

Oil Utopia Poster

Funny Utopia

Any imaginary place where life is perfect and everyone is happy

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