USS Whale
USS Whale
USS Whale. Member reactions:
This is truly exceptional work complete with a great idea.

Funny USS Enterprise in a Space Battle

USS Enterprise in a Space Battle
Member reactions:
thanks guys. i am on the hospital trying to type on an android. it seems that i am spelling challenged .
Hope your doing well, you're work sure is
Excellent work done like the night sky with the spaceship crashing and creating voluminous fireballs all over good work with the force of lights emitting
Another beauty from RB. Congrats on the silver too.

Funny USS Aircraft Carrier Guitar

USS Aircraft Carrier Guitar
Member reactions:
Great to see a Guitar works like an AirCraft Carrier not only carries Air Crafts but also big ships even Nice thought

Funny U.S.S. Enterprise

U.S.S. Enterprise
Member reactions:
Congrats on the gold, Jer, well deserved.

Funny USS Port Royal Ship

USS Port Royal Ship
USS Port Royal runs aground in Honolulu, Hawaii Please view in full and check out my sources. All I have to say is the Navy cruiser was a Masking Nightmare. Hope it looks realistic. Navy Cruiser source Sandy Beach source
Member reactions:
I thought the same re masking, ya'v done a fine job all over.
Clunk...ooops hahahahahahaha Intensely crisp, KB. I totally understand the masking nightmare on this, it's somewhere between masking palm fronds and a tazed up ball of fishing line Kudos mate you are the master. Congrads on the silver
I took your sources and played with them a bit. And I couldn't match the Cleanliness. A Really Great Mask while preserving that antenna mast. Really Nice Work.
Congrats KB.. Looks like he's ramming the shore full speed...
Thanks news1st. It took at least 3 hours at 500 percent zoom. . It was one of those too far into it to back out now chops. I kept asking myself, WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF. Thanks for all the comments everyone.
congrats killer ... i hope hes not a deep "v",,

Funny Barack Obama Sinks the USS John McCain Ship

Barack Obama Sinks the USS John McCain Ship
THE McCAIN MUTINY: Why Republicans Are Jumping Ship
Member reactions:
Gr8. Are those bee/wasp stings on his face. Ye-owch
That ship is made of bronze. Congratulations, Rain.
Hope it was the wrong ship - the superstucture was removed as probably an artificial reef ship. Ex-navy, the duty honor of McCain is huge.
For a second I just thought McCain's face was really that busted.. Awesome pictures.

Funny USS Arizona Under Golden Gate Bridge

USS Arizona Under Golden Gate Bridge
Man, that was some earthquake. Now the USS Arizona Memorial can be visited in San Francisco.

Funny USS Enterprise Watermelon Fruit Starship

USS Enterprise Watermelon Fruit Starship
To boldly go where no rutabaga has gone before.
Member reactions:
Beam me up. There's not even a WHOLE FOODS up here.
NASA boss: We are working on temperature resistant carrots for our next launch

Funny USS Enterprise Going Through a Starbucks Drive Through

USS Enterprise Going Through a Starbucks Drive Through
Is that decaf.
Member reactions:
So this is the Hang out point for the Star Trek crew... a Coffee shop in space... Well done with your idea

Funny USS Pink Submarine

USS Pink Submarine

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