Putin found and arrested doping user
Putin found and arrested doping user
Putin found and arrested doping user. Putin said “he will give "every assistance" to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)”
Member reactions:
The whole Russian Olympic team can be disqualified now because of the scandal. That would be tagged as a political sanction move, so I don't think the Olympic committee will have the guts to do it

Funny Vista User by Dali

Vista User by Dali

Funny Werewolf Cell Phone User

Werewolf Cell Phone User
Member reactions:
Now this is what happens when you use your phone on a full moon
I can't call you... I gotta wash my hair. ALL OF IT.

Funny Nokia User Manual

Nokia User Manual
Lots of features on this gadget.
Member reactions:
Awesome. (that Crimmy can just pop up anywhere... )
Extremely clever. The peeled sticker in the background is a nice touch. Great job.
Manual also available in Large-Print Edition (not shown). Only 84.95 extra for S/H.

Funny PEDs Users Liars Club

PEDs Users Liars Club
Floyd Landis Admits To Using PEDs
Member reactions:
Or as the famous Bart Simpson said: "I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything."
I like the Barry Bonds defense best: "I did not knowlingly take any performance enhancing substances."

Funny Ghost User Profile

Ghost User Profile
Has anybody ever seen him. PLEASE view full. THANK YOU

Funny Best User

Best User
This contest will run for 2 days. Remember this contest is for the best USER, so vote accordingly, and vote fair! (entrants: please feel free to edit the description and/or your photo)

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