God blessed the USA
God blessed the USA
God blessed the USA. Member reactions:
Another knee-slapper, HH. The job on Uncle Joe is too comical and spot on.
Yes Hits, I see it as Joe "The Hugger" Binden couldn't let the flag-hugging Trump outdo him.

Funny USA down hill from now on

USA down hill from now on
Member reactions:
I'll take the "^ More Years With Trump", cute pic.

Funny Usa Russia liasons before Trump

Usa Russia liasons before Trump
obama and medvedev

Funny Laurie Hernandez Team USA

Laurie Hernandez Team USA
One of many talented American athletes. Some sources

Funny First time I came to USA

First time I came to USA
Gaps in Melania Trump's immigration story raise questions
Member reactions:
A little reflection from the dolphins on the water and this gets high marks from me.

Funny USA the Cult of Ultimate Evil Movie

USA the Cult of Ultimate Evil Movie

Funny Kim Jong Un Throwing Nukes at the USA

Kim Jong Un Throwing Nukes at the USA
Kim Jong Un threatens America
Member reactions:
Te whole thing is hilarious. The glasses make him a style icon.
Kim is always behind us... looks funny and tummy
shrugs again. What is it with these A55hoes. The US lost all it's status as a power not to mess with. Great chop, Doc.
Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your thoughts, Tim.

Funny President of the USA Vladimir Putin

President of the USA Vladimir Putin

Funny Cuban Embassy in USA

Cuban Embassy in USA
The Cuban embassy reopens This is the first time a Cuban embassy has been open in the United States in about FIFTY years.

Funny USA Invasion of Alien Planet

USA Invasion of Alien Planet
Member reactions:
Now we are talking strange hahahaaha cool chop.

Funny Queen in USA

Queen in USA
The Queen is visiting the USA and Jamestown, Virginia to celebrate it's 400th birthday. It is rumored she was at the first one. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Queen Elizabeth II if she decided to stay in the US. Some examples would be show her Americanization as she attends "Bike Nite" at the local Hooters or working as a cleaning lady in a big office building. The Queen might even join the US government - show us what she may do.

Funny Miss USA

Miss USA
[ Miss USA Tara Conner, who almost lost her title due to visiting bars while underage and other inappropriate public behavior, will be allowed to keep her title, Donald Trump announced at the news conference. Trump, who owns the Miss Universe Organization with NBC, said "I've always been a believer in second chances." ] Donald Trump always gives people a second chance - if they don't do their job within a second, they are fired. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to the recent Miss Universe scandal and Trump allowing her to keep the title.

Funny Hurricanes in USA

Hurricanes in USA
Unless you live (like I do) in a dimly lit apartment totally isolated from the outside world, you have seen the TV weather reports with warnings of Hurricane Ernesto approaching the US, reaching Category 3, and thinking about making a stop in hurricanes' all time favorite place New Orleans. Before you start panicking and packing your suitcases however, I wish to remind you that weathermen are the only creatures on earth that are wrong 80% of the time and still keep their jobs. So if weathermen tell you Hurricane Ernesto will visit the US with a predicted destruction of twice the Hiroshima blast, you can go straight to the "predicted" eye of the hurricane which will be the safest place on earth. Hurricanes like to watch weather forecasts the same way we watch late-night shows, and they see weathermen as the best comics this planet ever produced. Every day the weather forecast is like David Letterman's Top 10 List. Hurricanes don't want their comic idols to get fired however, so every once in a while (yes, those are the 20% we talked about) they give them a break and go to the places predicted by weathermen. This time Hurricane Ernesto is "supposed" to visit several states/places in the US - sort of a vacation trip for a foreign hurricane. In this contest you are asked to show what places in the US Esnesto may visit by showing "vacation photos" of Esnesto at the US places/states it visits - similar to the usual vacation pictures people are taking (Hey, I've been HERE, and here, and HERE, look!) Either the hurricane itself, or the destruction from the hurricane has to be included in your entry picture to qualify. Make the pictures postcards-like and write Ernesto's impression of these places on the postcards. If you want to go even further you may address the Ernesto' postcard messages to any famous person... or another hurricane. E.g."Hey, Katrina, Greetings from Florida! Just a short stop here, as I hate their giant insects. If you ever stop here again, don't make eye contact on people - this is asking to be mugged. ~ Ernesto" P.S. If you run short of ideas, think of trailer parks. Hurricanes and trailer parks are naturally attracted to each other, sort of like Paris Hilton and STDs.

Funny USA Owned by United Arab Emirates?

USA Owned by United Arab Emirates?
Take something the U.S. Government runs (Ports, the Postal service, FBI, CIA, TSA, IRS... anything the Federal Government is involved in) and create images showing what Arab ownership might do to it (e.g. Arab postmen and TSA, Arab FBI, etc.).

Funny Arab USA?

Arab USA?
Show what the United States of America will look like in the future, if the USA Arab population grows at the same rate.

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