Phone call to Russia `CLEAN URINE FOR SALE!`
Phone call to Russia `CLEAN URINE FOR SALE!`
Phone call to Russia "CLEAN URINE FOR SALE!". Member reactions:
Wonder what that chimp's saying on the phone... -->
Wood congrats Wanderer
Congrats Wanderer, my favorite, darn good chop.

Funny Oscar in a Urine Sample

Oscar in a Urine Sample

Funny Urine Lite Beer

Urine Lite Beer
view in Hi-Res
Member reactions:
OMG You love me , you really love me . . . Thanks so much to all for your votes and comments . . . Actually, I can't take full credit on this one, only for the graphic, and the "No Taste, More Peeing". The idea came from one of the joke writers on the Tonight Show . . We're both happy you liked it.
Wood for qtr too, congrats. Very clever chop.

Funny Matthey McConaughey Camel Urine Perfume

Matthey McConaughey Camel Urine Perfume
Sources From "SAHARA" comes McConaughey Camel Urine Perfume.
Member reactions:
As a medical transcriptionist, my first reaction is to the spelling of urine. As a photoshopper, I say, what the heck. It's a method of hiding (yet stating) the ingredient. In any event, good work. Luv the lips on Mr. M. and that perfect camel nose showing that even he is grossed out by the smell.
Good eye Doxie. no idea how I missed that, thanks. I owe you one.
Xaos on the Top. Congrats on the gold
I heard his next perfume is coming under name "Uranus" Brilliant concept and technique.
There will be no secondary voting review on this Chop. Hee. Hee.
Mathew's PU Love it. Congrads on the gold, Xaos
Thanks all. splash splash getting ready for my date.
A dab here and a dab there Makes her feel like you're a pair But a splash and a douce Will open her blouse Just hope what you see is not hair
LMFAO Hitman......
Congrats on the win, Xaos. The perfume proved to be golden

Funny URINE BOY 2000

Employees can handle business even when on break.
Member reactions:
... I hope this invention doesn't use reverse osmosis.

Funny Space Toilet Turning Urine Into Beer

Space Toilet Turning Urine Into Beer
Mashby would like this new breakthrough...
Member reactions:
Man, the pretzel part cracked me up. Good job. Full view shows more details including the astronaut on a toilet in the background. Masking of the hand holding a beer glass may use some improvement though.
Modeled on the ever-popular crappacino.

Funny Gasoline Urine

Gasoline Urine
Patent Pending. Please view full.
Member reactions:
His legs are shaded a bit too dark, otherwise a great entry with great idea
Great idea. The guy's contrast/saturation needs to be lowered a little and as NM says, the legs are a little dark.

Funny Urine Fertilizers

Urine Fertilizers
Member reactions:
. Fraternity houses must be jungle by now.

Funny Mountain Dew Urine

Mountain Dew Urine
Former convience store clerk guilty of urinating in a Mt Dew in trouble again...

Funny Urine in Coffee

Urine in Coffee
Postal Worker charged with tainting the office coffee...
Member reactions:
Strong stuff. It seems to have discolored the handle too.
This is terrible news . At least the French only do this in the street .

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