Russian Urinal Team for 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea
Russian Urinal Team for 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea
Russian Urinal Team for 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea. Russian Urinal Team for 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea
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High level piece of art and sarcastic humor X-D
Agree. Putin and his all staff are miserable corrupted people.

Funny Putin's story about his urinal test in Sochi

Putin's story about his urinal test in Sochi
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Silver congrats Wanderer. Placing 5 in the top 10 of 58 entries, with 3 trophies, you have truly mastered the art of winning at F.N.

Funny Upside Down Urinal

Upside Down Urinal
A urinal for those MANY guys who can't seem to get it anywhere BUT the floor anyway.
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Wrong man in the wrong place in the wrong moment
Ha ha ha Law of Gravity tested and proved

Funny Urinal Airplane Flying Above the Clouds

Urinal Airplane Flying Above the Clouds
I submitted this entry to the 'Aviation Day' contest, only to have it flagged and removed for not meeting the guidlines of the contest, which suggested merging an aviation theme with a work of art or movie. To whomever flagged my entry for deletion please note that the work of art I chose for this picture is called 'Fountain' by Marcel Duchamp and according to a recent survey this work was chosen as 'THE MOST INFULENTIAL MODERN ART WORK OF ALL TIME'. Check it out here: Duchamp's Urinal Tops Art Survey I thought for sure the Dadaists in the crowd would get a kick out of it. The original piece was from 1907 and the one I chose was a recreation from 1950. PLEASE people, if you think an entry doesn't meet the guidlines of the contest post a comment saying so. That way it will give the person a chance to explain it to you. And remember, there's a lot more art out there than just Remmy and the Mona Lisa.
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I recall this, but didn't notice it had gone actually, dunno why it was deleted as it is stated in your link to be art...anyways it's here now, it's the Freakshow...have fun
In regards to 'Art' you are whistling in the wind here. This is the center for 'pop'(read latest fad)art. Sad but true. On the bright side not everyone here is a gamez induced ADHD adolescent, and really would recognize a Duchamp if it were lying about.
That is a urinal. I could poop in my hand and call it art but it is still just poop. But seriously, a lot of entries in the Aviaion contest were removed, one of mine included. The rules were a little more strict than usual in that contest. I hope that some of them are posted here.
either way... it makes mid-air refuling a breeze.
That is a urinal. Yet it is an early work of Marcel Duchamp , as was L.H.O.O.Q. (1919), in which he put a mustache and goatee on the Mona Lisa (I did not name it, but referred to in my comments on the'Mona Lisa Pilot' chop by Mundo in the 'Aviation Day' contest) I personally would not consider it 'The Most Influential Modern Art Work Of All Time' ,but it is work conceived by Duchamp. I don't see the 'art' part of it either, but it is well known. Duchamp did go on to other things. Readymades of Marcel Duchamp .
I have to admit I've never been much of a Duchamp fan, however, I do respect him for what he did with his 'Fountain' piece. Aside from raising the question, "what is art.", a question that still inspires much debate today, Duchamp blew the doors wide open for generations of artists who became free to express their artistic visions through whatever means neccessary. Without forward thinking visionaries like Duchamp, Picasso, Pollock etc. we'd all still be painting only portraits and biblical scenes (with shades of mythology). But you gotta love Duchamp for injecting humor into what had become an incredibly stuffy art world. Let's face it, everyone of us here at Freaking News is basically imitating Duchamp. Just have a look at the work Steve10 refers to. L.H.O.O.Q. Yes, Marcel would have fit right in here at FN. Love him or hate him, his art inspires an emotional response from the viewer, which is what art should do. And the debate rages on.
Twisted, interesting entry. This is probably the only time the urinal gets wood. Congratulations, mrmo2.

Funny Stove and Urinal Hybrid

Stove and Urinal Hybrid
Westinghouse's latest range, designed for single men who will probably stay single.
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This would be more accurate if the men actually cooked =P
, I see a lot of ER trips due to kitchen accidents with this thing around.

Funny Hillary Clinton Using a Men's Urinal

Hillary Clinton Using a Men's Urinal
After being elected as President of the United States, Hillary discovers that some definate changes are going to be needed in the Presidental Bathroom. Lots of source pics used in this one. This is my first entry outside of the apprentice contests. Comments welcomed.
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The idea and composition is totally hilarious. Hillary's head is a tad too big for the body in my opinion.

Funny Fish Shaped Urinals

Fish Shaped Urinals
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Somehow this seems like it would be a popular stop for George Michael
Hope they ain't blowfish
hmmm perhaps they are Puffer Fish.. oh mahi mahi it could also be a groper fish

Funny Street Chess with Urinal Pieces

Street Chess with Urinal Pieces
This is how the Yugo's play chess apparently. Please View Full. Source
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just an ordinary day in the park, playing chess

Funny Bathroom Pee Analyser Urinal

Bathroom Pee Analyser Urinal
Built-in analyser...

Funny Picasso Art in Bathroom Urinal

Picasso Art in Bathroom Urinal
View Fine Art and empty your bladder in one convenient stop.

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