Ups Delivering to a Submarine
Ups Delivering to a Submarine
Ups Delivering to a Submarine. "Special Delivery... It's the Captain's birthday." .. Member reactions:
If UPS saw this they would want it. Nice work. It would be even better if there was a little bit of snow on the tailgate and maybe the roof of the truck but it's fine the way it is.
Great advert . . . nicely done, for sure I agree that they should use it

Funny UPS Plane

UPS Plane
Your packages are safe. source . Member reactions:
Vacation time.Your packages are safe but are in Cairo
...Yeah we used to call them "oooop's" Now we just don't call.

Funny UPS Driver, Final Delivery

UPS Driver, Final Delivery
UPS delivery driver dies , Co-worker takes body on final shift and delivers casket to funeral in UPS delivery van. SOURCES. Member reactions:
Good chop based on smart story choice - I saw this one in the news and was wondering if any FNers would do this one.

Funny FedEx and UPS Airline Paint Job

FedEx and UPS Airline Paint Job

Funny UPS Truck

UPS Truck
A septic pumping truck converted to deliver all your sh_t on time.

Funny FedEx and UPS Airline Paint Job

FedEx and UPS Airline Paint Job
. Member reactions:
why did you combined UPS with FedEx. that is my only critic, nice idea
for deliver somthing beyond the sky is what you need a fusion betwen ups and fedex
The concept is creative, and humorous, and full view is especially beautiful.

Funny UPS

yes, any where. Member reactions:
Like the setup but I would decrease the contrast of UPS logos a bit.

Funny UPS

It seems two packages were mistakenly delivered to the wrong address. What can brown do for you. sources

Funny Katrina Ups n Downs

Katrina Ups n Downs
So Brownie did do a "heckuva job" . . . compared to Dubya.New tapes out: "Who said what about Katrina.". Member reactions:
The Bush Administration is treading in thin air

Funny UPS Driver

UPS Driver
sign here please. Member reactions:
Good lil chop but I think a smidge darker on the face woulda made it perfect...
The shadow on the neck is rather sharp and dark maybe the blur tool and a tiny bit of lightening would help.

Funny TV Program Mix-ups

TV Program Mix-ups
This is a themed contest. Do NOT edit the theme post. Today's contest we are going to create new TV programs using existing programs. Combine any two TV programs past or present, and create a new TV program as in the theme post [Dukes of Hazzard & Mayberry RFD]. [NO MOVIES OR CARTOONS] Thanks to midian for sponsoring this contest and for supplying the theme post. There seems to be a lot of confusion on this contest. We have changed the theme image to better show what we are looking for. We also are extending the contest one more day. Sorry and thanks.

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