Once upon a time boy was born in  Texas without brains
Once upon a time boy was born in  Texas without brains
Once upon a time boy was born in Texas without brains.



Funny William Shakespeare (Stratford-upon-Avon, 1564 - Stratford-upon1

William Shakespeare (Stratford-upon-Avon, 1564 - Stratford-upon1

Funny Kate Upon with a Beard

Kate Upon with a Beard
Member reactions:
Well she could be "UpOn" but she'd have to shave first.
Nice boy...or girl...or whatever you are.

Funny Once Upon A Time In Africa Starring Barack Obama

Once Upon A Time In Africa Starring Barack Obama
Use to be the movie"Once Upon A Time In America" with Robert De Niro as a gangster.
Member reactions:
Great Chop Man.... like the story board and the Dogs really look like Hyenas
I thought they were too but, they're wild African dogs.
Super job, the wild dog looks bad to the bone
I wonder if they really get eaten. If so I hope the people eat old ones and get poisoned by Vitamin A.

Funny Once Upon a Time Digital Art

Once Upon a Time Digital Art
Stuck for a title,just another fantasy pic that enables me to indulge in escapism.
Member reactions:
It's not a chop, Pat, entirely created from scratch and ty for your comment.
This is pretty cool job poor lizard on the stone like it

Funny Upon Loosing My Head

Upon Loosing My Head
My first entry into the FreakingNews arena. Hopefully i get some feedback, as i would like to get better at what i do. Thanks for looking... *stock: Model(thanks to attemptestockdA) http://attemptestock.deviantart.com/art/Portrait-10-32804636 House is my mothers stock and face is from my own stock. and textures from http://night-fate-stock.deviantart.com/ and http://rawimage.deviantart.com/
Member reactions:
This is brilliant work. Welcome to FN. You seems great Artist.
very nice, and welcome to FN, did u fade the colors a bit, to give the piece a vintage feeling ..
Thank you. and i used a few different techniques to achieve that vintage look. between the textures and the gradiants, along with a saturation layer all added to it. and the background photo is in black and white originally, so... it helped.
Freaking Great. Nice feel to this, well done.
Unique.One suggestion would be a workable link(as per News contest instructions) to sources but, that is minimal. Good luck.
wanna get better in what you do. Better than this.. I love it
S, It should be in your Group
Krrish, this should be our secret hidden, I've always got a crush on Vintage Pics , good luck
comments like this will make me post more often here. thank you all so very much. Salis, so do i.
The mood and the style of this chop deserves admiration. Welcome to FreakingNews. Looks like you'll fit right in.

Funny When You Wish Upon A Star

When You Wish Upon A Star
Member reactions:
awesome work here .. love how you painted the hair
this is Simply Quality and Beautiful work reminds me of something you might see for a print for a dvd movie for Disney Simply Outstanding Work

Funny Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time
Member reactions:
I'm sorry .. I have to comment again ... cause whenever i look at this Piece... I Feel peace... da*n I love it..
Thanks a lot to everybody and Salis I am very glad you like it and is a big honor for me because I admire A LOT your works.. Thank you..
yeah i should agree with you salis about this work it's tally great awesome work hidden ..
Yeah, really nice.; I like it a lot. Very dreamy.. Grats on third place, Sunshin3.
Sunshin3 im so glad your chop did so well,its very nice.. and it does have a peaceful feeling about it congrats.
I can't believe so many great entries and I took the third place, . Thanks to everybody for congrats and especially to Kratos who encouraged me to participate with this work
hey i told you it's great entry before you join it here great work and glad it's scored what it's deserve friend , congrats on the bronze and keep going
for sure it's sunshine. Congrats on the win dreamy girl.. well deserved win..
Beautiful work. Congrats on the bronze, Sunshine.

Funny once upon a time

once upon a time

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