Barack Obama Unraveled
Barack Obama Unraveled
Barack Obama Unraveled. Reference work.
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I'd just confuse myself trying to chop one of these..kudos

Funny Unraveled Globe

Unraveled Globe
A globe unraveled, enjoy. All Comments welcome.
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Congrats on your first apprentice gold, Rlittle.

Funny Mother Nature Unravels Al Gore

Mother Nature Unravels Al Gore
An Inconvenient Truth: The Earth is Cooling The “scientific consensus” that Al Gore and his fellow global warming alarmists rely upon to force radical changes in how Americans live and work is being unraveled by Mother Nature. Source
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Great Job Maksim and congrats on the Silver...
Thanks for the comments. Thanks so much to everyone who voted.
Silver congratulations, Maksim, and congratulations on your first advanced trophy.

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