Napoleon in a Soccer Uniform
Napoleon in a Soccer Uniform
Napoleon in a Soccer Uniform. Member reactions:
Lol the trophy, good one.
Go to the top, change the sponsor with one of the loser russian teams
Love what you did, though the shoes and the bag need some shadows. The 2nd place trophy for Waterloo is a hoot.
Congratz on the Bronze, Wanderer.. Wonderful color scheme

Funny Groundhog Soldier in Uniform

Groundhog Soldier in Uniform
See Large please
Member reactions:
A pleasure to watch, many very good ones in this contest
Wonderful execution. The pin is not necessary to the representation. Vertigo chop
Fantastic work... Being a soldier is really an amazing look given to the poor ground hog here it looks terrific and brave
, so many comments, Thank you rajeshstar, Krish, Luciano, Disasterman,JimShorts, and Armatien.
Humbly bows, and I thank you Pree, Wanderer, Newsey, Anton, Gummy.... I should tip my hat to Funkwood and give some credit, this is in part inspired by his style.

Funny Dog in Uniform Portrait

Dog in Uniform Portrait
Member reactions:
He is very regal... Really nice work here ,congrats lucianomorelli .
Superb blending - the painting looks authentic. Congrats on the wood, luciano.

Funny Obama Trying to Get Putin Into a Priosn Uniform

Obama Trying to Get Putin Into a Priosn Uniform

Funny Nuclear Army Uniform

Nuclear Army Uniform

Funny New 49er Levi's Uniform

New 49er Levi's Uniform
49ersí New Stadium Named

Funny Adriana Lima in Modern Army Uniform

Adriana Lima in Modern Army Uniform
New officer's uniform designed by Victoria Secret.
Member reactions:
Clean and Cleavare chop

Funny David Beckham Wearing a Pink Soccer Uniform

David Beckham Wearing a Pink Soccer Uniform
Member reactions:
You should fix the link as per instructions.
Its a colorful treat given very well done to David he studded with pink color lovely

Funny Bulldog in a Football Uniform

Bulldog in a Football Uniform
"Well Done you New York Champs."
Member reactions:
I think you will find it's a bulldog puppy.
"Give the Lady a prize, it is indeed a English Bulldog Puppy, one of Winston's favourite beasts because of it's tenacity. Much like himself I Suspect."
Nice milky dog, Good work on the title love it
Great work. Should be the Giants' new mascot.
He's adorable. Congrats on the wood, Wiz.

Funny Ozzy Osbourne in Uniform

Ozzy Osbourne in Uniform
Member reactions:
I agree, nice blend, especially with the light and shadows . . . maybe just a bit more of the "enlarged grain" and "gaussian blur" on the face to match the old photo look, and that's a nitpick .

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