the new uniforms look a little heavy!
the new uniforms look a little heavy!
the new uniforms look a little heavy!.

Funny School Uniform

School Uniform
Citizens voted to make uniforms mandatory at Charlton Heston Jr. High in Gladwin, Michigan. The bullet proof vest is not optional.
Member reactions:
She looks so happy and comfortable in it. Very nice image.
She's a daughter of a policeman and a ninja

Funny Stewardess uniform

Stewardess uniform
Palestinian Air's new stewardess uniforms

Funny Official Baseball Uniform

Official Baseball Uniform
Full View Please

Funny NYPD Blues uniform

NYPD Blues uniform

Funny FN 2036 Uniform

FN 2036 Uniform
30 years in the future, Website Administrator's Uniforms will take on a whole new look. (and so will those administrators )
Member reactions:
AAAHHH News-master we humbly chop to thee ...

Funny Uniforms by Benetton

Uniforms by Benetton
Member reactions:
It's called Benetton...they sell colorful clothing.
Like wayyyyyyyyyy kool
Teaser... if you aren't aware... maybe don't be so quick to critique I get it, and thought it were durn funnay...

Funny Martha Stewart in Prison Uniform

Martha Stewart in Prison Uniform
Old habits die hard.
Member reactions:
what do you suppose the surprise ingredient is in this wonderful brown cake.

Funny Camo Uniform

Camo Uniform
The special new: RAVE UNIT Those enemies will be laughing so hard that they can't shoot. This makes it easy for the RAVE UNIT to neutralize the "threat".
Member reactions:
X is givin out after the fight is over just so that the soldiers will defeat them instead of wanting to take them home and party some more.
10 Tabs of X. Theese guys are the RAVE UNIT, remember.

Funny Army Uniform Sponsors

Army Uniform Sponsors
In an effort to defray taxpayer costs, the army has taken up corporate sponsorship.
Member reactions:
Sadly, this wouldn't surprise me. Good one.

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