Uni-cycling Through the City
Uni-cycling Through the City
Uni-cycling Through the City. Show Offs
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The Griswalds station wagon in the background. Hhahahhaahah Great concept. Funny high marks....

Funny Uni Motorcycle

Uni Motorcycle
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Great job Mandrak. Congrats on the silver.
Impressive work. Congratulations on the silver, Mandrak.

Funny Kamikaze Uni Motorcycle

Kamikaze Uni Motorcycle
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Congrats Cheyenne Looks like it could actually work with some gyros...
Definitely one of the best ones in the show. Congratulations on the bronze, Cheynnee.
Thanks guys, have to watch the heavy braking on this. .
Congrat's Cheynne, clean work.. Cheers Mandrak

Funny Uni-Truck

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the perspective of the wheel looks a little off but everything else is very nice.
Rain. Good one. I bet it's a bumpy ride.
Thanks all Deb, that's why Chewbacca is driving, since he has a padded furry behind.

Funny Uni-Chair

Member reactions:
Some perspective problems here---either that or this vehicle got bent in a wreck.
i agree with LunaC...check also the shadows and contrast.
, hilarious. I think I would crash trying to work all that stuff and stay balanced. Does it come with medical insurance.

Funny Man Riding Uni Snail Bike

Man Riding Uni Snail Bike
They soon discovered that the new Uni Motor Bike did not go as fast as expected
Member reactions:
I think this is what they use to deliver the Mail

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