Funny Korean Rocket (Unha-3)

Korean Rocket (Unha-3)
North Korea's keenly watched rocket launch has failed, Pyongyang has confirmed. North Korea says the aim of the launch was to put a satellite into orbit - a move marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of national founder Kim Il-sung. But the US and other nations say the launch constituted a disguised test of long-range missile technology banned under UN resolutions. The failure of this launch is embarrassing for the North Korean regime. It had been billed as a sign of the North's technical achievement. The 100ft (30m) rocket named "Unha-3" exploded into some 20 pieces and fell into the sea, after flying for just over a minute. Since the design of "Unha-3" is a top secret, we can only guess what caused the rocket failure - from bad engineering design to clumsy assembling, to bad fuel or poor choice of materials. Today you are going be a Korean rocket scientist, and suggest the alternative designs of "Unha-3" that may be rejected by North Korea for any reasons (e.g. think of some alternative materials or obvious engineering flaws).

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