Trump Unemployment Swamp
Trump Unemployment Swamp
Trump Unemployment Swamp. Member reactions:
Gold Congrats, GarRobMil. White house local cemetery.

Funny Obamacare Unemployment

Obamacare Unemployment
Top Obama donor laying-off nearly 1,200 workers
Member reactions:
Donating money and laying off 1200 works were really sad... get some aid from Obama then.... Good news link
Very interesting work done Nice sad expression of the gentleman and nice happy smile from Mr.Obama nicely done

Funny The Unemployment Train

The Unemployment Train
The "suit" on the right just got on, the others have been there for a while. NEWSWEEK
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good chop, thanks... makes one think "is this train out of control."
, but the skeletons dont' look depressed. Excellent composition.

Funny The Unemployment Handbook for Dummies

The Unemployment Handbook for Dummies
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I like the book author here. Very topical.

Funny Unemployment Line

Unemployment Line

Funny Gaddafi in the Unemployment Line

Gaddafi in the Unemployment Line
I was here you know who I am.

Funny Barack Obama Unemployment

Barack Obama Unemployment
Mmmm.... 5-7 years gaining experience and I do believe he had a chance at being the best president in history. To bad we through him to the fire just to prove were not racist anymore.
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He still has two more ears... (years) maybe he'll regain some trust.
possibly. a good start would be grabbin his cohunas and locking the door on congress until they start acting like the grown men they are and accomplish something instead of playing the whole republican/democrat card. shouldnt matter, its whats best for the whole. could you picture how awesome that would be if he told them "Worry more about the country instead of your party or your FIRED..". We need a president like that.

Funny Unemployment Line

Unemployment Line
Get in the back of the line General.
Member reactions:
funny. needs some work on levels and color/hues.

Funny Unemployment Office

Unemployment Office
Figures, doesn't it. As the influx of Arabs increase, the unemployment lines get longer. The Original
Member reactions:
You hit it right on the nose. My stomach just ripped open from laughter. I think I need stitches. good job
Saddam's henchmen realize that due to PC hysteria in the USA, they are treated like royalty as soon as they step off the boat.

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