Underwear. Member reactions:
Like it very nice. Clean and neat work done
Nice raining effects. and the poster looks like Tomb Rider one

Funny The Emperor Wears Magic Underwear

The Emperor Wears Magic Underwear
The day after the elections, (if Mitt wins)...
Member reactions:
Good job done on the logo designed in his inner wear like it

Funny That's why we should wear underwear!

That's why we should wear underwear!
Member reactions:
Awesome concept...very infecting
Pretty awesome Silver congrats too, BB. What a comeback.
Congrats, on the Silver and Bronze too..... bigdbud.. Great pieces....well done.

Funny Twisted Underwear Model

Twisted Underwear Model
Member reactions:
nothing better than manipulating a beautiful female body
Female body is so smooth.. believe me you can mold or turn anywhere good work seen here

Funny Michelangelo Underwear

Michelangelo Underwear

Funny Ricky Gervais wears Ellen DeGeneres' Golden Underwear

Ricky Gervais wears Ellen DeGeneres' Golden Underwear
Ricky Gervais wears Ellen DeGeneres' Golden Underwear during Golden Globe Roasting. Can make you cringe, but Sooo funny.
Member reactions:
Nice chop, and thanks for the youtube link - had a good laugh.

Funny Underwear Bomber at the Airport

Underwear Bomber at the Airport
This actually IS the "Underwear Bomber's" head.
Member reactions:
Many great details here. Nice instructions The terrorists and Incontinental Airlines cracked me up. Imagine this ad: If you want an airline that always puts the customer first instead of making them number two, then Incontinental is the way to go.
Okay, I'm officially Newsy's straight man. Thanks for the compliments, Newsy. You never miss anything. Love your ad idea.
Like I said........... KABOOM... I think I recognize Ahmed.
Thanks, RW. I'm comin' for ya. Bwahahah.
Congratulations Prcdds. 'Underwear Bomber' reminds me of a song entitled: "Hot Nuts" by Doug Clark & his Hot Nuts. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doug_Clark_and_the_Hot_Nuts)
Congrats on the bronze, pcrdds. P.S. I did notice the underwear brand in full view.
Thanks, Hitspinner and blooddiamond. I knew you'd see it, Newsy. Thanks.
congrats on the bronze pcrdds. Great work with lot of details.love it

Funny Mutant Underwear Model

Mutant Underwear Model
Member reactions:
Now all she needs is a litter of puppies
Hilarious chop, and Kellie.
How will V's Secret deal with this design.

Funny Britney Spears with Underwear on Clothes Line

Britney Spears with Underwear on Clothes Line
Member reactions:
Maybe they can explain it to Paris & Lindsay also I dunno if intentional: typo "theese".
Freaking hilarious. I think THEESE are intentional - they create the long sound and show emphasis on this word.
Ok V

Funny Elvis Presley Underwear Advert

Elvis Presley Underwear Advert

Funny Underwear

Delcambre town in Louisiana is introducing a new law which forbids wearing any outfits in public that reveal underwear parts. The law proposal was signed by the town council as a measure to stop underwear exposure by wearing saggy trousers - a fashion growing popular among young people, especially hip hop fans. Such law adds underwear to the list of offences with a fine of $500 and up to six months in jail. Judging by Britney Spears accidents, the singer really needs to stay away from Louisiana. In this contest you are asked to add any type of underwear to characters of art works (paintings, drawings and statues) of your choice. Think about dressing people in paintings in underwear, or undressing the dressed characters to reveal their underwear. Bikini, bathing suits, and swimwear is also considered underwear within this contest.

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