Peter O'Toole The UnderTaker
Peter O'Toole The UnderTaker
Peter O'Toole The UnderTaker.

Funny Nicolas Sarkozy the Undertaker

Nicolas Sarkozy the Undertaker
Member reactions:
Love his expression. Excellent caricature, hidden.
Excellent expression on his face Serving the dead is really a interesting job but stress will be there cool one with smokey effects all over really a good chop
HA HA Marvaleous work done Very Interesting job posting to him.
Do u smell Rock is cooking Thats me

Funny The Undertaker Ghost

The Undertaker Ghost
I only used two source pics for this and they were both daytime pictures, and can be found Here I hope you enjoy.

Funny The Undertaker

The Undertaker
Member reactions:
What's wrong with her neck and chest. It's all warped and plastic looking. I don't get it.
I think the "warp" you're seeing are actually striations of the pectoral muscles.
Very impressive - other than her chest which is a bit muscular for such a sweet ole southern gal.
All part of the humor...

Funny Undertaker Doll

Undertaker Doll
showing off my new toy old school undertaker with old school WWF, now WWE title
Member reactions:
you don't see the title please click to see the full view of the picture to wee the whole design thank you hope you like my creation
Nice work. Maybe smooth-out his tough guy tights a bit.
Thanks I want to but my computer is not working right. Right now I'm sorry, thanks for your comment geriatric I'm currently on my cell mode
This will be famous in the market for sure.

Funny Charlie Sheen the Undertaker

Charlie Sheen the Undertaker
Preferred by the undertaker dead.
Member reactions:
Hahaha, Charlie certainly fits well here.

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