Uncanny image of Lennon
Uncanny image of Lennon
Uncanny image of Lennon. Member reactions:
Very well fitted into this can good job in the 50-50 colorful body

Funny Uncanny Resemblance

Uncanny Resemblance
Daisy May Wallflower better known as "Disasterwoman" LARGER SIZE
Member reactions:
Thank you D-man she's the main attraction at the museum
Mommie Dearest. Give me my Weapon-I feel like Gunships & dancing mini-gun tracers under a canopy of God's loving darkness. Here's to you Madame 'D'.
Gadzooks. D-man's sister. She berry purdy. 5 o'clock shadows must run in the family. *~ -->Thank you kindly to everyone ... Disasterman strikes again

Funny Uncanny

The Golden Goose
Member reactions:
The pattern of the money are the same....though good job on the goose
nice effect on the goose, my only critict is about the fliped drums, i would be better just in one side if u don't have more drums
you got your style but like thier comments it helps you a lot nextime.

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