Ultimate Flight Club
Ultimate Flight Club
Ultimate Flight Club. Originally created for the United Airlines abuse back in April missing the deadline. First chance to meet the Freakshow deadline.
Member reactions:
Thanks hobbit. Happy New Year 🎆🎉🍾
Green one is the most aggressive, ha ha ha
We might get to find out eduen. Thanks Crafty

Funny USA the Cult of Ultimate Evil Movie

USA the Cult of Ultimate Evil Movie

Funny Joe Cocker Leaving on The Ultimate Trip

Joe Cocker Leaving on The Ultimate Trip
Name That Tune. R.I.P. Joe. Thanks for the tunes
Member reactions:
This is amazing All the color shades on his shirt looks great.
Fantastic. Great surreal feel to this composition. One of the top chops in this contest for sure. But One small nit-pick. You have some very noticeable blending errors under Joe's chin and neck line.
I agree with SplatShot. It seems he has a scan on the neck. It's a small retouch.
Thnk you all and Happy days. Not sure about the neck comments. As I recall that his neck was barely touched at all. I believe I just erassed what was there to fit the shirt If you refer to that crease... I think that is God's work
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Wild chopping.
TY Newsey and PJ. Nobody figured out the name of the song encoded in this chop. I am surprised..Hint: Sunday talks to Monday.
Gonna name that tune: "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" Congratulations on taking the Gold.

Funny Ultimate Dancer Up Ballerina

Ultimate Dancer Up Ballerina
Member reactions:
Never expected to do this with him really

Funny Monkey Island Ultimate Version

Monkey Island Ultimate Version
Member reactions:
Ahh, that brings so,e nice memories of video-games I played. Great chop.

Funny Zorro's Ultimate Weapon

Zorro's Ultimate Weapon
Member reactions:
that's was Awesome teacher .. great blend here , congrats on the bronze

Funny The Ultimate Clock Time Machine

The Ultimate Clock Time Machine
Member reactions:
You forgot to add the kitchen sink Nice job
Luv this hidden, who is not that hidden. I just have a small suggestion -- I think that skeleton should be of a person, not an animal ---You could then take it that the guy died after years (and years) of having to maintain all of those clocks. That was my first thought when I saw this, but I can see where the animal skeleton makes it more 'out of this world' and other than earth present day (2010).
I think you should flip the top piece where the bird comes out. Perspectively speaking it would look much better then i think. Great imagination as usual.
Ty for the suggestions doxie and jeremix, I appreciate the input, but I'm already working on my next chop...
Another factor chop from as Dox said "not so hidden" I saw the Dino as something that time did not wait for, fits well in my head.
Love the clock(s), the dino skeleton, and I love the mechanical bird popping out of the funnel on the top. (that's a cuckoo, right.)
Bitchin assemblage, Funkwood. Reminds me of a Rube Goldberg contraption.
congrats Funkster. Don't forget to eat too..
FGS the contest them was based around clocks & the moving forward of time for DLS, not Spring Solstice & if the author wants to do Dino's then let em go for it, I find when they do it fits the theme of the image very well. ...in my opinion.
I second Kell's words. What the Spring Solstice has to do with this contest. Is Spring Solstice in the contest directions. Dinos add special touch to many themes, make the composition out of this time and world. Here the dino skeleton nicely underlines the concept of time.
Ty all. and thanks for coming to my rescue kellie and newsy,heheh..

Funny Ultimate Coaching Brawl

Ultimate Coaching Brawl
Just Fight Baby. Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable Punches Assistant
Member reactions:
Hilarious. I'd add shadow under Hanson's chin

Funny The ultimate m4a1 accesorie

The ultimate m4a1 accesorie
The secret wapon .
Member reactions:
There's a typo in the title and in the text on the picture ("accessory" is the correct spelling). By the way, this text is superfluous (in my humble opinion) in this picture as it is already mentioned in the title...

Funny Britney's Ultimate Bionic Enhancement

Britney's Ultimate Bionic Enhancement
Sustainable energy applied to bionic development for the Show Business
Member reactions:
Would look better (in my humble opinion) if there was some depth to the cut out looking in at the hamster.. Like a ledge of skull around the edges (door frame look).. Just my $.02 adjusted for inflation.
Hamster. TinMan has good suggestion

Funny Ultimate Frisbee Game

Ultimate Frisbee Game
This Tuesday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. This is a speed contest with only 12 hours for submissions and 12 hours for voting. Photoshop this image of the ultimate frisbee game any way you wish (image credit: Ultimatephotography). Some examples are - re-dressing the frisbee players, using this frisbee game image in movie posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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