The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Member reactions:
Thank you, Hobbit and Crafty1.

Funny George Soros, ugly Hulk

George Soros, ugly Hulk

Funny Now I'm Really Ugly

Now I'm Really Ugly

Funny Ugly Woman Painting by Renoir

Ugly Woman Painting by Renoir
Member reactions:
Pretty cool, though you sort of turned Renoir art into Botero art
Yes. Botero influenced with a touch of Dowling, Newsey. You are observant hahahaha. I get the idea that Renoir had a taste for the Rubenesque ladies and sort of had fun with that idea, while putting a silly face on her. I am honored to capture gold with so many excellent renditions in the mix. I'm pretty impressed. Thanks Newsey, Elegary, Gummy, Andrew, and Luciano.

Funny Ugly Blind Date

Ugly Blind Date
Member reactions:
Oh my, I hope it's the poor frog that is Blind, her face is scary, good chop.
A song to help you vote Want to be happy For your Life

Funny South Park The Good the Bad and the Ugly

South Park The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Funny Ugly American Man

Ugly American Man
Member reactions:
Indeed NewsMaster,he's a hot mess.Thanks Hit
I use to love the Garbage Pale Kids, is this their Dad. Good one, love it.
Thanks hobbit,I love the garbage pail kids too,think I might get a tattoo of one of them.Havent decided which kid yet.As a fan of all things gross,I had the Garbage Pail Kids in mind,when I created this handsome fella.I'll just name him UnclePusPopper
Super Image Congrats on the Silver Debbie.
Thanks everyone,this is my first silver,it feels really good.There are so many amazing,awesome,talented,awe inspiring talent to compete with.I wanted to take advantage of the speed contest,knowing that if I got lucky,I could possibly get a trophy.Going up against the chop gods,in the regular Freakshow is hard to snag a trophy.I admire you all and feel honored to be in your company on the podium,from time to time.I will spend some time basking in the shining silver sweetness for now.
Congrats on the silver. Very creative. If you choose better resolution images and add some shadowing you surely beat my entry. Nice work..

Funny Donatella Versace the Ugly Animal

Donatella Versace the Ugly Animal
Member reactions:
It looks like she found her spirit animal. Looks creepy and great.

Funny The Good The Bad and the Ugly with Clint Eastwood

The Good The Bad and the Ugly with Clint Eastwood
Member reactions:

Funny Ugly Mona Lisa

Ugly Mona Lisa
My fake includes "The Ugly Duchess", painted by the Flemish artist Quentin Matsys around 1513
Member reactions:
You have crossed the limit of ugliness Very worst done One of the Best freaking work
Excellent new version of Monna. If I can say.....maybe face should ba a little smaller and a bit rotate clockwise.
top 5 grats. This one is really cool
PJ. You pounded out a magnificent chop. This one we will see around the Internet a lot I bet. Top 5 congrats.
Top5Congrats, PJ. Your Mona is way beyond just plain Ugly...she be oooogly.
Great morph of the ugly duchess into Mona Lisa.Really awesome blending,really clean,clear and vibrant.Top 5 congrats
Top 5, congrats. Really flawless blending of two painting sources.

Funny Ugly Pets

Ugly Pets
A cross between a Chihuahua and a Chinese crested has had the dubious honour of being crowned the world's ugliest dog in a competition in northern California. The winner, Yoda, was found abandoned behind an apartment building, and her owner says at first she thought it was an overgrown rat. Your mission is to create some ugly pets today by whatever means you choose - from simple uglification to total anatomical transformation to cross-breeding.

Funny Ugly Pets

Ugly Pets
Dog Foxy, won the Ugly Pet Crown for being the ugliest pet. Well, as dog pageants go, Foxy did pretty well, seeing that she was the runt and her mother sat on her head when she was just a pup. In this contest you are asked to photoshop ugly pets. I don't mean cute little kittens with big bright eyes, I mean mangy, flea bitten, butt ugly pets.

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