Ugly Russian Evil
Ugly Russian Evil
Ugly Russian Evil. Ugly Russian Evil
Member reactions:
Thought this looked familiar, but a few things are added.
Maybe didn't know it was copyright, Marco. It happens. Nicely done and congrats, Andrew
Should have given credit to the author in his comments, anyway.
Still a very nice chop, the stull you added is fits perfectly, congrats on the win.
Thank you, everyone. I had no idea that background can't be used for Photoshop. Please let me know where I can find information "do not use, copyright file". Thank you.

Funny World's Ugliest Men

World's Ugliest Men
The most handsome men in the USA, live in Seattle WITH NO APOLOGIES to deaddog, Disasterman or PSMandrake.
Member reactions:
These peeps seem familiar Congrats on the wood too, Paul.

Funny Ugliest Man In Uganda Has Eighth Child

Ugliest Man In Uganda Has Eighth Child
Ugly Ugandan becomes father for 8th time
Member reactions:
What's seen can't be unseen Congrats on top 5 too.

Funny The Good The Bad and the Ugly

The Good The Bad and the Ugly
Member reactions:


My fake includes "The Ugly Duchess", painted by the Flemish artist Quentin Matsys around 1513
Member reactions:
You have crossed the limit of ugliness Very worst done One of the Best freaking work
Excellent new version of Monna. If I can say.....maybe face should ba a little smaller and a bit rotate clockwise.
top 5 grats. This one is really cool
PJ. You pounded out a magnificent chop. This one we will see around the Internet a lot I bet. Top 5 congrats.
Top5Congrats, PJ. Your Mona is way beyond just plain Ugly...she be oooogly.
Great morph of the ugly duchess into Mona Lisa.Really awesome blending,really clean,clear and vibrant.Top 5 congrats
Top 5, congrats. Really flawless blending of two painting sources.

Funny The Good the Bad and the Ugly Cats

The Good the Bad and the Ugly Cats
Member reactions:
Great Job. Very,Very Funny. Yikes. Now I can't the theme song out of my head.
How do I get rid of that theme song in my head..
You could have much worse music rattling in your noggin. I keep humming the jazz music from the Super Market
may I suggest the Llama song.

Funny Ugly Baby

Ugly Baby
Member reactions:
Eyesglasses looks badly positioned on his ears and his right is disappeared.
Reminds me Bill Clinton but with mustache

Funny Ugly Man With a Bunch of Roses

Ugly Man With a Bunch of Roses
Member reactions:
How matter the beautiful the roses are.... if you keep your face expressions like this... no body will accept your proposal Funny expressions
So funny. I wouldn't like to be on the other side in this occasion.
Thanks Newsy, Rajehstar, lucianomorelli, Rickytrek1.
I bet he belongs to some of the National park I have in my city
imagine this noodle showing up at your door... Hahahah great one

Funny Man and His Ugly Bride

Man and His Ugly Bride
If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life... take an an ugly woman to be your wife... from my personal point of view, get an ugly woman to marry you.
Member reactions:
Ok, love is blind, but there is a limit...
If your love is blid you have feet to run away
All women are beautiful. And beauty is a relative thing. Even bats find other bats attractive on some level A toast to women everywhere.
She reminds me Baba Yaga from Russian fairy tales I am not sure I wanna marry Baba Yaga Great stuff.
Congratulations. I suppose I will see this chop again. eeeuuuwwww.
Congrads on the Silver Cup. Excellent again, now what's new.
Thanks Doc, HH (sick of me yet.) Pat, Jim, Rajesh, NM, Eric, Sulli, Luciano and Evirio
Thanks Bob and Wanderer. Not sure if my comments are being posted. I don't see them appear.
Congrats on the Silver HSpinner ... Love the premise and the chopping of said premise 'Tis a great quote.
Congratulations, Hits. This is the one I thought would win -- very funny, very beautifully done. Yes. Beautifully done.

Funny Ugly Monster Painting by Vermeer

Ugly Monster Painting by Vermeer
Member reactions:
Truly scaring, shocking , and damn impressive remake of the Vermeer's classic. The pumpkin earring is top notch.
Unusual vision of Vermeer and very Funny... Great job.
Well done Nice Selection of the model Looks very scary..
Her Eyes and the four incisor teeth makes me bit scary good chop and nice filter applied on her face.... this makes the chop scary
Think I saw her shopping at Sears. Congrats on the wins.

Funny Ugly Pets

Ugly Pets
A cross between a Chihuahua and a Chinese crested has had the dubious honour of being crowned the world's ugliest dog in a competition in northern California. The winner, Yoda, was found abandoned behind an apartment building, and her owner says at first she thought it was an overgrown rat. Your mission is to create some ugly pets today by whatever means you choose - from simple uglification to total anatomical transformation to cross-breeding.

Funny Ugly Pets

Ugly Pets
Dog Foxy, won the Ugly Pet Crown for being the ugliest pet. Well, as dog pageants go, Foxy did pretty well, seeing that she was the runt and her mother sat on her head when she was just a pup. In this contest you are asked to photoshop ugly pets. I don't mean cute little kittens with big bright eyes, I mean mangy, flea bitten, butt ugly pets.

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