Typewriter Monument
Typewriter Monument
Typewriter Monument. Member reactions:
Crisp.. Draws ones attention to the top for sure....
Awesome look given to the typewriter its looks as a magnificent building
Congrats on Silver Cup, berdulano. Very well done.
Stranger than strange... now that's a Freak Show. Awesome work.
Silver congrats, berdu. You know you are pro chopper not just with bearded ladies.

Funny Typewriter Twitter Cell Phone

Typewriter Twitter Cell Phone
Late cell phone entry.
Member reactions:
Very innovative Nice re-invention of Typewriter

Funny Franz Kafka and his Typewriter

Franz Kafka and his Typewriter
25 sources used.
Member reactions:
I don't see no hours.... this is all about the idea. * Mirror * Angle * Effects * Shadow and all together the Mix this is a Megamind chop.. I Love it
Awesome job done using so many sources.... I like the Photo frame the most.... good use of the source by taking a monochrome pic and putting in a blank frame with the wooden background and making it to look like a classical source Awesome..... Fantastic job
This is the winner for me. Looks amazing. I'm just curious why his forehead color is not the same as the rest of the face.
Very nice work, hidden though, the drop shadow on the inside left of the mirror is confusing it makes it look like an empty frame casting a shadow on the wall it's hung on. It's contradicting to the crack and hole in the "mirror" . I think it would also help the effect of it being a mirror, if you used a different background from that of the wall it's hanging on.
Yes, I always check the sources when they are provided ... I always hope for sources.
Congrats on the Bronze, Marco I gave you an 8
VERY creative composition and point of view. My only critique is - the colors of the forehead and the lower part of the face in the mirror differ quite a bit. Still a fantastic work. Congrats on the bronze, Marco.

Funny Typewriter Computer Keyboard

Typewriter Computer Keyboard
Source image

Funny Antique Laptop with Typewriter Keyboard

Antique Laptop with Typewriter Keyboard
I miss not having a control button on this laptop.
Member reactions:
Lovely concept. Reminds me of my first laptop

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