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Funny Two Pictures

Two SnakesFunny Two Snakes
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having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed or suck.
Nice green combination of both anf fully freaking image
Great entry and excellent choice of the background. IMO green could be desaturate a bit giving a more realistic sensation.
Ahhhhh you were in the pocket this time. Great chop, D.
Impressive colors here. Hillary looks like a giant too

Catch two pidgeons with one beanFunny Catch two pidgeons with one bean
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Same-sex marriage now legal as first couples wed
I see the girls have their bodies ready for the beach season.
Now that's creepy hahahahah excellent choice of news and people to use.

Two LionsFunny Two Lions
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I did this digital art because I found a beautiful picture of two lions for reference. I wanted to paint them because they looked so loving. digital art
Me likey. The shadow on the ground may need to be softer

Like two peas in a podFunny Like two peas in a pod
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Two BuddiesFunny Two Buddies
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Joe drinks redbull in industrial quantities.

Between two exFunny Between two ex
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Member reactions:

This is only my second experiment with digital painting, always and only with the mouse, without the aid of a graphics tablet, so be good to me guys. this is the link for the image used:
the same thing this is a picture, and you can check with this software.
forse perche' io dipingo sopra alla foto originale e poi la salvo in formato bmp... poi la converto in jpg per caricarla su freakingnews, che ne pensi ...
I think so. Clearly, this is a tracing, "not painted from scratch" So maybe it's better to tell users "MIXED MEDIA" ---------------------------------------------- Penso proprio di si. Chiaramente si tratta di ricalco, "non dipinto partendo da zero" Quindi forse meglio dire a gli utenti "MIXED MEDIA"
I don't like this portrait as well as the Paul McCartney one, but it is still very excellent.
Anche sembra fantastico dopo colore shade..
Right up there with the other two, talented work.
Correct, mixed media would be the term and even more speciffic, mixed digital media. It is getting so confusing these day hahaahah. Anyway, superb job...... as always
Congratulations. No Trophy but, this is still a Winner to me.

The Two Faces of Phillip Seymour HoffmanFunny The Two Faces of Phillip Seymour Hoffman
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Two Faces... one is on-screen and off-screen... Its a fantasy versus reality war
Decent work, I guess everyone has two sides in him, and Philip was just a human being like the rest of us.

Two Man Pallbearing Championships Funny Two Man Pallbearing Championships
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A throw back to the days of George Carlin. Besides, it was all this team could dig up.
Love the Shelby it from a kit.

Two-headed penguinFunny Two-headed penguin
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Nice blending, but the right head source shows some pixelation

Two TummiesFunny Two Tummies - This Sunday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of two tummies (photo credit: Charles Roffey ) any way you wish. Some examples - show where these guys are heading, change their outfit, or make them perform some stunts. This is a speed contest with only 24 hours for submissions.

Two-Faced CelebritiesFunny Two-Faced Celebrities - Public figures are often accused of being two-faced. When Abraham Lincoln was accused of being two-faced he replied, "If I had two faces, do you think this is the one I'd be wearing?". Today we are going to literally create two-faced celebrities and politicians. The right half of a face has to be from one celebrity and the left half from another. Here's a good example . Politicians and celebrities face mixes are also allowed and cross gender face breeds too. This contest is a sequel to our mega popular contest from 2006 that was featured in many newspapers and magazines including People Magazine and The Daily Mail. Please include celebrity names in your entry titles.

Two-Faced CelebritiesFunny Two-Faced Celebrities - Public figures are often accused of being two-faced. When Abraham Lincoln was accused of being two-faced he replied, "If I had two faces, do you think this is the one I'd be wearing?". Today we are going to expose two-faced politicians and celebrities, similarly to how it's done in the example (Madonna + Julianne Moore). Note such details in the example: one flipped face (on top) includes the eyes, while the other (lower) face is taken from another celebrity. It's up to you whether/how to include the eyebrows. (In such setting eyebrows kinda look like bags under eyes :) ) Don't forget to include the celebrity names in your titles or comments.

Two-Faced CelebritiesFunny Two-Faced Celebrities - According to parents and doctors, Indian baby born with two faces is doing fine. What a coincidence - all two-faced politicians are also doing just fine. Photoshop celebrities and politicians with two faces, similar to how it's done in this example. As in the example above, two faces need to have one joint eye and eyebrow. You can use two faces of the same celebrity (as in the example above) or faces from two different celebrities/politicians. Please include celebriy names in your entry titles.

Two-Headed AnimalsFunny Two-Headed Animals - Big Al's Aquarium Supercenter in Pennsylvania has a new animal on display. It's a two month old turtle which has two heads on the opposite ends of the shell, which is a rare variation of the conjoined turtle twins. The turtle has six legs but only one tail. Because of the anatomical peculiarities, the turtle would likely not survive in the wild and become easy prey to the predators. In fact, the turtle does not know whether it is coming or going because each head thinks independently and tries to move its body in different directions. Photoshop two headed animals (except humans) which have heads on the opposite sides of its body. We will also allow merging of any two animal species (except humans) - e.g. tiger head on one end and a rhino head on the other end of the body.

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