Penn and Teller two headed magic act
Penn and Teller two headed magic act
Penn and Teller two headed magic act. They've been inseparable for decades - and truly are a virtual two-headed magic act.
Member reactions:
Double heads are good, double arms are useless.
luciano - I don't find that observation helpful, and didn't ask for it. Please respect that.
This is BRILLIANT. I love everything about it. Especially the processing, the look. HOW did you do this. No state secrets, but hints. .. Just exceptional, I'd bet they'd love to see it. I think I might just tweet a link to it to them for you. CONGRATS, honestly this could have taken the gold and it would be deserved. Original and fabulous.
I'll follow the Funkmeister anytime, and be glad for it. Many thanks.
Sharpness and cleanliness takes a chop a long way in these things Icy. Great job Swashbuckle. Congrats on the silver

Funny Two-Headed Komodo Dragon

Two-Headed Komodo Dragon

Funny Two headed Leopard with Queen

Two headed Leopard with Queen
Member reactions:
I think this is excellent. Something wrong with the perspective on the paw that's forward on the skull. But the leopard otherwise is fabulous. Congrats on a deserved win.
Well I'll be flabbergasted. Icy caught one of the very rare funkwood mistakes I don't even expect to find anymore. Just proves you are mortal after all Hehe. Aside from that, stellar looking chop sir Funk. Congrats on the gold.
Thanks all....Yeah I suppose I should've used something smaller than the skull and moved it back a bit...
Yep, that is all it was. But hey, as I am looking at this, I see an M.C. Escher illusion going on. Just say it was on purpose, right. hahahahaha. It could be a cool thing to have a contest with perspective anomalies.

Funny Two-Headed Bird

Two-Headed Bird

Funny Two-Headed Arnold Schwarzenegger

Two-Headed Arnold Schwarzenegger
Member reactions:
, this just knocks my socks off. I think the only thing that makes me pause, for no good reason, is the lightness of the skin tone. I don't know what it is about it, but I know it makes me stop and go "is this good." to which I immediately reply "Yes, it's fabulous, so shut up, me." Love the stitches. The cigar end why a picture of Rachel in THE MUMMY.. It makes me wonder if you have backdrops and just pick one to add something to the top of -- so why. CONGRATULATIONS. The top three are interchangeably wonderful and all are deserving.
I dunno Icy, why do you have certain art on your walls. Maybe because you like them. I just set up a fictitious shot with a fictitious background just because I liked the way they looked. Did not require any deeper thought than that since the focus of the chop was two heads. Thanks Icy, Swashbuckle, Hobbit, Andrew, Luciano, eric and fugit. I will say this one took a he11 of a lot of painting and the skin color was matched to the key photo I used of Arnold in the composites that he was built from About 7 hours all together
Grats on the bronze Tim. Great details & I like the snake lady.
Thanks Dan. I struggled with this one fiercely. The two heads were at least 1000 KB different and in spite of a mighty effort to recreate the textures to match, it just fell a little flat. I finally messed with it this evening and posted all the correction to Facebook where color balance and contrast are considerably more under control. I did learn a valuable lesson... start earlier. hahahahaahh Thanks man.

Funny Two-Headed Marmot Attack

Two-Headed Marmot Attack

Funny Goat with Two Heads

Goat with Two Heads

Funny Two-Headed Putin Hunting

Two-Headed Putin Hunting
Member reactions:
Shorty should have something big if everything is small
You got a cup for your efforts. Fine job and woody congrats.
Woody congrats Wanderer.Totally hilarious.

Funny Two headed tiger attacking crockodile

Two headed tiger attacking crockodile

Funny Two-Headed Cop, parrot and monkey in jungle

Two-Headed Cop, parrot and monkey in jungle
Member reactions:
Funny, looks like a chimp with two bodies

Funny Two Tummies

Two Tummies
This Sunday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of two tummies (photo credit: Charles Roffey ) any way you wish. Some examples - show where these guys are heading, change their outfit, or make them perform some stunts. This is a speed contest with only 24 hours for submissions.

Funny Two-Faced Celebrities

Two-Faced Celebrities
Public figures are often accused of being two-faced. When Abraham Lincoln was accused of being two-faced he replied, "If I had two faces, do you think this is the one I'd be wearing?". Today we are going to literally create two-faced celebrities and politicians. The right half of a face has to be from one celebrity and the left half from another. Here's a good example . Politicians and celebrities face mixes are also allowed and cross gender face breeds too. This contest is a sequel to our mega popular contest from 2006 that was featured in many newspapers and magazines including People Magazine and The Daily Mail. Please include celebrity names in your entry titles.

Funny Two-Faced Celebrities

Two-Faced Celebrities
Public figures are often accused of being two-faced. When Abraham Lincoln was accused of being two-faced he replied, "If I had two faces, do you think this is the one I'd be wearing?". Today we are going to expose two-faced politicians and celebrities, similarly to how it's done in the example (Madonna + Julianne Moore). Note such details in the example: one flipped face (on top) includes the eyes, while the other (lower) face is taken from another celebrity. It's up to you whether/how to include the eyebrows. (In such setting eyebrows kinda look like bags under eyes :) ) Don't forget to include the celebrity names in your titles or comments.

Funny Two-Faced Celebrities

Two-Faced Celebrities
According to parents and doctors, Indian baby born with two faces is doing fine. What a coincidence - all two-faced politicians are also doing just fine. Photoshop celebrities and politicians with two faces, similar to how it's done in this example. As in the example above, two faces need to have one joint eye and eyebrow. You can use two faces of the same celebrity (as in the example above) or faces from two different celebrities/politicians. Please include celebriy names in your entry titles.

Funny Two-Headed Animals

Two-Headed Animals
Big Al's Aquarium Supercenter in Pennsylvania has a new animal on display. It's a two month old turtle which has two heads on the opposite ends of the shell, which is a rare variation of the conjoined turtle twins. The turtle has six legs but only one tail. Because of the anatomical peculiarities, the turtle would likely not survive in the wild and become easy prey to the predators. In fact, the turtle does not know whether it is coming or going because each head thinks independently and tries to move its body in different directions. Photoshop two headed animals (except humans) which have heads on the opposite sides of its body. We will also allow merging of any two animal species (except humans) - e.g. tiger head on one end and a rhino head on the other end of the body.

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