Twitter Baby with Blue Bird on Head
Twitter Baby with Blue Bird on Head
Twitter Baby with Blue Bird on Head. Member reactions:
....... Newsie..... ........ This is a cute entry. We WILL follow you.
Is that a childhood picture of you Newsy. Don't fret, my Mom tried to put me in dresses too.
NEWSY .... I can't believe my eyes you are great chopper man ... can you join all contests ..
Nah, Jer, that's not my pic - but that of my twin sister
Kratos, my skills are too low to compete with you guys, maybe once in a while I will
Nice but I can see some white on the bird off his feathers like from background off original picture
Personally...I liked it better when it was my parakeet...I was 2 when this pic was taken of me with my pet Hooligan on my head...he was much more photogenic. Thanks for keeping the pic going...what fun. ;O)

Funny Hacker Twitter

Hacker Twitter

Funny Twitter Mobile Application

Twitter Mobile Application
Building Businesses Tweet by Tweet
Member reactions:
Supremely imaginative. I love the way you seemlessly connected the old-style TV to the vintage Royal typewriter. The rabbit ears adds a nice touch. Good work.. I LOVE it.
I agree with bob. Clever work. Needs a full view for full appreciation of all details.

Funny Twitter Jackolantern

Twitter Jackolantern
Member reactions:
White House host. "Come In, It's perfectly safe."
I love the sappy 'innocence' of the pumpkin...

Funny Trump Twitter and Fox

Trump Twitter and Fox
You can't catch Trump without his two constant companions, Fox and Twitter.
Member reactions:
Aw crap. I didn't see that. You can dump this if required.
I don't think of this dweeb as a politician still.

Funny The Twitter House

The Twitter House

Funny Most Loved Airlines According To Twitter

Most Loved Airlines According To Twitter
The most loved and hated airlines according to Twitter... with United Airlines voted the worst and Virgin America coming out on top
Member reactions:
I put and tested the news link. Website gobbled it. Reposting it. Tis bazaar.
I tested the link again, and according to my browser, the news story link is live. Please let me know if it is there or not. This is really bugging me.

Funny Twitter Making You Stupid

Twitter Making You Stupid
Is Twitter making you STUPID. Social networking sites are making it hard for people to think for themselves
Member reactions:
There are some intelligent posts on Twitter, yet those are all but buried in the drivel.

Funny My Twitter

My Twitter
Member reactions:
Nice Wannabe Social networking site in the making .... Good design
Very conceptual and yes its the eCommerce where ppl used to do this kind of Brand confusion

Funny Roger Ebert Takes To Twitter

Roger Ebert Takes To Twitter
Roger Ebert takes to twitter to give tea party followers a thumbs down

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