Typewriter Twitter Cell Phone
Typewriter Twitter Cell Phone
Typewriter Twitter Cell Phone. Late cell phone entry.
Member reactions:
Very innovative Nice re-invention of Typewriter

Funny Twitter Cake

Twitter Cake
Member reactions:
Why those pokes to sweet bird.. is this cake is of Chicken flavor
Lovely cake perfectly matching with the twitter corp logo

Funny Pope with Twitter Birds

Pope with Twitter Birds
Pope Benedict XVI to have his own personal Twitter account
Member reactions:
Lovely small birds, with different moods, one with Guitar and glasses were beautiful and Pope with a Twitter account is going to rock in 2013.... He will shower his blessing through his tweets
Nice placementsNice to see Cute Birds flying all over
Now Confession on your door step.. Follow him on Tweeter and ask for a dedicated tweet for you that will come to you where you can confess

Funny Rupert Murdoch and Twitter

Rupert Murdoch and Twitter
Rupet Murdoch Opens Twitter Account
Member reactions:
I agree with Steve. Very healthy satire here, very FN style.
Great stuff oldman ... P.S. ... congrats on being featured.

Funny Cobra Seized Twitter

Cobra Seized Twitter
news source pictures
Member reactions:
This cobra sure made the news last week. Perhaps we should do a contest on sssssnakessssss

Funny Charlie Sheen Fired Via Twitter

Charlie Sheen Fired Via Twitter
Member reactions:
he eaters man-meatS not burgers cause he is a man-meat dammit.

Funny Howard Stern Flying High on Twitter

Howard Stern Flying High on Twitter
Howard Stern
Member reactions:
Hahaha, nice choice of news, and GREAT chop. The flying shoelaces are a nice touch. As soon as Howard joined, Drudge followed his example.
he has the record on the fastest adds of ppl following him ..* boy did i botch up the English language there..
Amazing how much money an idiot can make in America.

Funny Napoleon on Twitter

Napoleon on Twitter
This is the proof that Napoleon is still alive, and perfect integrated in our modern society
Member reactions:
hahah that's crazy and cool idea .. also big welcome to freakingnews
Ahaha thank you, i will improve my skill as son as possibile
It's clever and hilarious. Would not be far from truth actually.

Funny Magritte Style Twitter

Magritte Style Twitter
Translation: The Great Network. I'm sure Magritte would have Tweeted.
Member reactions:
LE Grand Réseau He would have Tweeted, indeed. Cool idea.

Funny Meghan McCain Twitter Breakdown

Meghan McCain Twitter Breakdown
John McCain's daughter, a RINO famous for skewering Conservative Republicans (including Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter) posted a Twitpic showing her ... to her 60,000 followers. Hilarity ensues. (McCain's original Twitter Pic was removed.)
Member reactions:
Good job. You did something I haven't seen very often here on FN - Ann Coulter is rarely portrayed.
Thanks for updating me with this news. Entertaining chop.

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