Twisted Croquet
Twisted Croquet
Twisted Croquet. SOURCE:
Member reactions:
Wait,,, I'm confused on a couple things here.
Thanks Reggie, I actually did this for my croquet playing friends.
Croquet... I thought he was playing Polo (or was that Pollo.)
torso needs work. Yea it's really twisted. Hahaha Fantastic.

Funny Twisted Camel in the Desert

Twisted Camel in the Desert
Member reactions:
This is funny. Maybe some rowork on man and camel shadows is needed.
Love what you did to the camel and the rider too. Congrats on the wood, Paul.
Thanks, eric, luciano, Swash, Bob and Newsy.

Funny Giraffe with a Twisted Knot in His Neck

Giraffe with a Twisted Knot in His Neck
Member reactions:
How can it even do that.... maybe in dreams its possible to fold the neck like this Hilarious
Difficult task for giraffe to fold the neck..... Please other animals don't do that other wise they will die....
Kewl Chopping. These are giraffe eggs and the birds are jealous.
Giraffe don't make eggs....but....they shouldn't even make knots. Very funny.
Excellent. Should be a special cup just for this

Funny Twisted Smith

Twisted Smith
AIPAC attacks Debbie Wasserman Schultz Debbie Wasserman Schultz steps down from the pressure and returns to her old job.
Member reactions:
Skanky, cottonmouth, vicious little prune. Good... Hahaha Nice chop...
Nice job, me was tired of turning her off and now she looks better

Funny Twisted Sumo Wrestler

Twisted Sumo Wrestler

Funny Twisted Turkey Thanksgiving

Twisted Turkey Thanksgiving

Funny Twisting Wind Up Raggedy Doll

Twisting Wind Up Raggedy Doll
Twisting Raggedy A Card of The Moon Stock Images Large Size Model 1 Model 2 Model 3
Member reactions:
Thank you pcrdds , I'm happy you like it. Many, many, many layers here. Thanks Gummy. You never know Gummy, this might be my first rodeo. Then again...maybe not.
Thanks SilverCanine...imagination is of the moon... Thank you PSMandrake. A great bit of advice.. Smart objects also help to retain the image you introduce. Even after cropping you can at anytime return to the full size of that image if needed.
Lot of work seen here good use of source images and a marvelous chop created The lady powered by the Key is really funny
Clap Clap Clap.... I am at a loss of words so I'm just clapping my hands at this brilliance.
Very nice job on this, looks great and congrats on the win.
Well we all knew this was a winner Congrats
Thank you much Balo, Raj, N-Master, Ariel, Gums, and Paul. I do so appreciate all your wonderful comments. Thanks a Million Guys and Ladies.
Welcome to the Hall Of Fame, SplatShot. You enter the club with one heck of an A+++ chop. Dang few people pull off chops like this. Congrats
Many Thanks Geri. Thanks, I appreciate it Silver-C. You had a Fantastic entry too. . Thanks Hit-Man what a great compliment. No Termite Food for me today. only "Prime Rib"
Brill again... what can I say... Just awesome is all. Congrats.
Terrific chop.. Congrats on the win SplatShot.
* Thank you very much Xaos. Lots of work, but you guys make it worth ever minuet of effort. * Thanks N-Master. Happy to see you have your voice back....I knew that wouldn't last long. * Thank you my friend PSMandrake, Keep sharing your great art with us. I've learned so much from your work.
Awesome. Congrats, SplatShot. Added to my favorits.
Super Thanks Wanderer. The Fave is very much appreciated.

Funny A New Twist on Batman

A New Twist on Batman
I missed the deadline for the superhero movie contest...but it's still based on news of the week--so entering it here. Hope you like. New Twist on Batman

Funny Crazy Twisted Horse

Crazy Twisted Horse

Funny Andy Murray Playing a Twisted Leg Tennis Forehand

Andy Murray Playing a Twisted Leg Tennis Forehand
Member reactions:
It hurts me just looking at that. Here's how it looked from Federer's side of the net.
Not mine. Credit to clearlydope
Nice blend and turns of Body parts good chop

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