The Olsen Twins Upside Down
The Olsen Twins Upside Down
The Olsen Twins Upside Down.

Funny Twin Puffer Fish

Twin Puffer Fish

Funny Lion Twins with Two Legs

Lion Twins with Two Legs
Member reactions:
Looks like the lions are saying: "Take the darn picture and no, we are not a rare breed. Birth defect man, birth defect." Excellent Job.
Awesome job, and I totally agree with Nanny.

Funny Prince William with the Royal Twins

Prince William with the Royal Twins

Funny Putin's Twin Edward Snowden

Putin's Twin Edward Snowden
Member reactions:
"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Seems like a logical assumption.
Nice merge... good idea he chosen Putin Body to take shelter

Funny Twins at an Italian Restaurant

Twins at an Italian Restaurant
Member reactions:
Bwhaha, his face looks like that mad scientist guy in the Green Lantern movie. That is really, really strange Good luck
.... both looks same ofcourse they were twins and Hidden you made them well identical twins... good job done

Funny Queen Elizabeth's Twin

Queen Elizabeth's Twin
Thank you to Qtrmoonshop for the Sherlock Holmes poster. LARGE VIEW source image
Member reactions:
Very good.
The lost sister found.... separated at birth... found by chance... good composition and like the poster the Parents Trap good one
Excellent Very Smooth, Clean and neat job done
Gold congrats, Billy Mac. Clever thanking yourself. .
Congratulations on the Gold Qtrmoonshop. and.... Thank you SplatShot for the first and most awesome comment. Much appreciated..
SplatShot & Bill. We do have multiple personality disorder spreading on FN for sure. Wonderful chop, Bill, congrats on the gold.
Many Thanks everyone. This idea came to me a little too late for the Ordinary Celebrities contest I'm really happy you liked it. SplatShot, all comments/critiques are awesome and much appreciated in this particular contest I reserved my thanks until the end, trying to remain "hidden". Hence, the gesture of thanking myself for the use of the Sherlock Holmes poster.
I know QMS. No Stab at you intended. You and most everyone here are great about their acknowledgement and appreciation for the comments and votes. I was just taking a poke at the multiple personality disorder as N-Master suggested.
Thanks geriatric... Thanks S.S. , I had a feeling that's what you meant, but I wasn't quite sure

Funny Justin Bieber Siamese Twin

Justin Bieber Siamese Twin
Member reactions:
This one makes me ill but, have to admit that it is well-done.Good Luck 'B'-Man.
One head is used to sing Chorus well merged one twin looks happy and other looks sad
Congrats on Bronze Silvercanine, A clean Crisp Chop.
Congrats on the Bronze, silvercanine nice work. one of him is definitely more than enough, though
Double Bieber, . Congrats on the bronze, silvercanine.
Beautifully done Silvercanine. Congratulations on the bronze

Funny Christopher Walkin Twins

Christopher Walkin Twins
Member reactions:
Nice poster design and good to both as twins again lovely work

Funny Short Legged Olsen Twins

Short Legged Olsen Twins

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