Bird Expecting Twins
Bird Expecting Twins
Bird Expecting Twins.

Funny Sully's Twin in Avatar

Sully's Twin in Avatar

Funny Obama's Twin Sisters

Obama's Twin Sisters
Member reactions:
Somehow this makes me think of the twins from "Shining"... Redrum, Redrum

Funny Conjoined Twins Al Sharpton and his Pal Obama

Conjoined Twins Al Sharpton and his Pal Obama
Investigative journalists have examined the White House logs for the last 6 years and although it was originally reported that Al Sharpton had been a guest at the White House 82 times in six years, the actual number was closer to 72 due to a few duplicate entries. Conjoined Twins Al and Pal
Member reactions:
Definitely has a certain revolting charm Very nicely done
LOl good alliance.... now at least they work together... well merge
Great idea. I don't agree about merge, Obama face look darker than body while Sharpton face is darker and yellow.
Twisted and excellent work. Might I suggest to add some necks to them

Funny The Olsen Twins Don't Look Alike Anymore

The Olsen Twins Don't Look Alike Anymore
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look very different as they have aged Or...was plastic surgery involved.
Member reactions:
They do look different indeed. I always thought they were identical twins

Funny Mutant Kitten Twins

Mutant Kitten Twins

Funny Identical Twins prefer Ozeki Sake

Identical Twins prefer Ozeki Sake
Ozeki "One Cup:" The number one selling sake in a jar.
Member reactions:
That would make a great promotional sake poster.

Funny Superbowl Twins

Superbowl Twins
Original photo was bw. Seahawks Humiliate Broncos in Superbowl
Member reactions:
Sweet babies.
Deleted this comment
LunaC: I am the laughing baby. The pic was taken on my cousin Cindy's birthday in 1958 - I was pinching her. By coincidence, in high school back in the 70s, I lost a wrestling match, got ... ed off and cut my hair in a Mohawk. I think our pic has to be in 3 million places on the web.GREAT Photoshop.

Funny Chinese Twins Digital Painting

Chinese Twins Digital Painting
I drew the woman and photographed a piece of quartz rock to put in the picture. I like identical twins and my two twin nieces are identical and trick people by answering to each other's name. I imagine that these two Chinese woman do the same trick. mixed media

Funny The Bad Twins Playing Cards by Edvard Munch

The Bad Twins Playing Cards by Edvard Munch
Peggy and Maggie sneak to the cellar for a few rounds of poker.
Member reactions:
This is perfect.... well managed to put some cards in their hands good job with the source pic
Clever idea using the same source flipped, and totally hilarious setting you did.

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