Biggie vs Tupac
Biggie vs Tupac
Biggie vs Tupac. I grew up with old school Hip-Hop.THe Biggie and Tupac rivalry was a big thing back in the day.They are both deceased,but just paying some tribute to two of my favorite rap legends.
Member reactions:
I love how you made their dogs different too. The biggie doggie is so cool
Ha. I like the dogs too. Super Kewl Andwhat.

Funny Radio station using Tupac

Radio station using Tupac
Tupac being used in 101.3 fm's hip-hop station's advertisement
Member reactions:
Tune in or he'll personally come bust a cap in yo ass.
This isn't all that ubelievable, If I recall, there's still a tupak billboard up in the mall. Clean work.

Funny Tupac Presley

Tupac Presley

Funny Tupac Moustair

Tupac Moustair
Member reactions:
Again votes disappointing not all but some maybe not a winner but its clean follows the rules and tone is right as far as blends go

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